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Appearances: Donald Duck
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The Carl Barks Library top
Publ. Title
CBL 1/0 »The Mummy's Ring«
CBL 2/0 »Dangerous Disguise«
CBL 4/0 »The Flying Dutchman«
CBL 8/0 »Family Photo with Coin«
CBL 9/0 »Kids at Bat«
Cheerios Premium Giveaway Y top
Publ. Title
CPG Y 1/1 Donald Duck's Atom Bomb
Christmas in Disneyland top
Publ. Title
CID 1/1 Donald Duck [The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama]
Christmas Parade top
Publ. Title
CP 1/1 Letter to Santa
CP 1/2 Donald Duck [No Noise Is Good Noise]
CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!
CP 9/1 Christmas in Duckburg
Danish Publications top
Publ. Title
D 6856/1 Go Slowly, Sands of Time
D 6886/1 Hang Gliders Be Hanged
D 94003/1 Horsing Around with History
Dell Giant top
Publ. Title
DG 26/1 The Christmas Cha Cha
DG 38/0 »Easy Reading«
DG 39/0 »Christmas Stockings«
Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
DD 26/0 »Trick or Treat«
DD 26/1 Donald Duck [A Prank Above]
DD 26/2 Trick or Treat
DD 26/3 Hobblin' Goblins
DD 26/4 Donald Duck [Frightful Face]
DD 27/0 »The Flying Horse«
DD 28/0 »Robert the Robot«
DD 29/0 »The Cat in the Creel«
DD 30/0 »Donkey with Sidecar«
DD 35/0 »Wet Boot«
DD 44/0 »Blizzard Tonight«
DD 45/1 Donald Duck [Courtside Heating]
DD 45/2 Donald Duck [Dogcatcher Duck]
DD 45/3 Donald Duck [Remember This]
DD 45/4 Donald Duck [Power Plowing]
DD 46/0 »Birthday Cake Blown Away«
DD 46/1 Secret of Hondorica
DD 51/1 Donald Duck [All Season Hat]
DD 52/0 »First Aid«
DD 52/1 The Lost Peg Leg Mine
DD 54/1 Forbidden Valley
DD 55/0 »Hat as Bird's Nest«
DD 57/0 »Mixer Overflow«
DD 60/1 The Titanic Ants
DD 60/2 Water Ski Race
DD 65/0 »Pelican Wastebin«
DD 68/1 The Master Glasser
DD 70/0 »Banana Peel in Suit of Armor«
DD 71/0 »Burned by Telescope«
DD 72/0 »Eating Corn«
DD 73/0 »Preparing Breakfast«
DD 77/0 »The Bee in the Space Helmet«
DD 78/0 »Mower versus Sprinkler«
DD 79/0 »Evasive Toothpaste«
DD 79/1 Poor Loser
DD 80/0 »Flute Duet with Bird«
DD 81/1 The Sleepies
DD 83/0 »Bass Drum«
DD 101/0 »The Incredible Golden Iceberg«
DD 103/0 »Treasure of Aztecland«
DD 105/0 »The Great Rainbow Race«
DD 106/0 »Ambush at Thunder Mountain«
DD 111/0 »The Giant of Duckburg«
DD 117/0 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
DD 117/1 Pawns of the Loup Garou
DD 126/0 »Officer for a Day«
DD 126/1 Officer for a Day
DD 138/1 A Day in a Duck's Life
Donald Duck Album top
Publ. Title
DDA 1/0 »Family Photo with Flash«
Firestone Christmas Giveaway top
Publ. Title
FCG 1945/1 Donald Duck's Best Christmas
FCG 1946/1 Santa's Stormy Visit
FCG 1947/1 Three Good Little Ducks
FCG 1948/1 Toyland
FCG 1949/1 New Toys
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 9/1 Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold
FC 29/1 The Mummy's Ring
FC 29/2 The Hard Loser
FC 29/3 Too Many Pets
FC 62/1 Frozen Gold
FC 62/2 Mystery of the Swamp
FC 108/1 The Terror of the River
FC 108/2 The Firebug
FC 108/3 Seals Are So Smart
FC 147/1 Donald Duck [If the Hat Fits]
FC 147/2 Volcano Valley
FC 159/1 The Ghost of the Grotto
FC 159/2 Adventure "Down Under"
FC 178/1 Donald Duck [Fashion in Flight]
FC 178/2 Christmas on Bear Mountain
FC 178/3 Donald Duck [Turn for the Worse]
FC 178/4 Donald Duck [Machine Mix-Up]
FC 189/0 »The Old Castle's Secret«
FC 189/1 Donald Duck [Bird Watching]
FC 189/2 The Old Castle's Secret
FC 189/3 Donald Duck [Horseshoe Luck]
FC 189/4 Donald Duck [Bean Taken]
FC 199/0 »Sheriff of Bullet Valley«
FC 199/1 Donald Duck [Sorry to Be Safe]
FC 199/2 Sheriff of Bullet Valley
FC 199/3 Donald Duck [Best Laid Plans]
FC 199/4 Donald Duck [The Genuine Article]
FC 203/0 »The Golden Christmas Tree«
FC 203/1 Donald Duck [Jumping to Conclusions]
FC 203/2 The Golden Christmas Tree
FC 203/3 Donald Duck [The True Test]
FC 203/4 Donald Duck [Ornaments on the Way]
FC 223/0 »Lost in the Andes«
FC 223/1 Donald Duck [Too Fit to Fit]
FC 223/2 Lost in the Andes
FC 223/3 Donald Duck [Tunnel Vision]
FC 223/4 Donald Duck [Sleepy Sitters]
FC 238/0 »Voodoo Hoodoo«
FC 238/1 Donald Duck [Slippery Shine]
FC 238/2 Voodoo Hoodoo
FC 238/3 Donald Duck [Fractious Fun]
FC 238/4 Donald Duck [King-Size Cone]
FC 256/0 »Luck of the North«
FC 256/1 Donald Duck [Toasty Toys]
FC 256/2 Luck of the North
FC 256/3 Donald Duck [No Place to Hide]
FC 256/4 Donald Duck [Tied-Down Tools]
FC 263/0 »Land of the Totem Poles«
FC 263/1 Donald Duck [Noise Nullifier]
FC 263/2 Land of the Totem Poles
FC 263/3 Trail of the Unicorn
FC 263/4 Donald Duck [Matinee Madness]
FC 263/5 Donald Duck [A Fetching Price]
FC 275/0 »In Ancient Persia«
FC 275/1 In Ancient Persia
FC 282/0 »The Pixilated Parrot«
FC 282/1 The Pixilated Parrot
FC 291/1 The Magic Hourglass
FC 300/1 Big-Top Bedlam
FC 308/1 Dangerous Disguise
FC 318/1 No Such Varmint
FC 328/1 In Old California
FC 348/0 »The Crocodile Collector«
FC 353/0 »Five Photos«
FC 356/0 »Rags to Riches«
FC 367/0 »A Christmas for Shacktown«
FC 367/1 Donald Duck [Treeing Off]
FC 367/2 A Christmas for Shacktown
FC 367/3 Donald Duck [Christmas Kiss]
FC 367/4 Donald Duck [Projecting Desires]
FC 386/0 »Only a Poor Old Man«
FC 386/2 Only a Poor Old Man
FC 394/0 »Malayalaya«
FC 408/0 »The Golden Helmet«
FC 408/1 Donald Duck [Full-Service Windows]
FC 408/2 The Golden Helmet
FC 408/3 Donald Duck [Rigged-Up Roller]
FC 422/0 »The Gilded Man«
FC 422/1 Donald Duck [Stable Prices]
FC 422/2 The Gilded Man
FC 422/3 Donald Duck [Armored Rescue]
FC 422/4 Donald Duck [Crafty Corner]
FC 450/0 »Family Portrait«
FC 456/0 »Back to the Klondike«
FC 456/2 Back to the Klondike
FC 456/3 Somethin' Fishy Here
FC 495/0 »Pirate Jack-in-the-Box«
FC 495/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Horse-Radish Story]
FC 495/3 Uncle Scrooge [The Round Money Bin]
FC 495/5 Uncle Scrooge [Itching to Share]
FC 1010/3 The Weather Watchers
FC 1025/1 Mastering the Matterhorn
FC 1047/0 Feets Don't Fail Me Now
FC 1047/2 The Gab-Muffer
FC 1055/1 Daisy's Dazed Days
FC 1055/2 The Librarian
FC 1055/3 The Double Date
FC 1055/4 The TV Babysitter
FC 1055/5 Donald's Party
FC 1055/6 The Beauty Queen
FC 1095/4 The Madball Pitcher
FC 1099/0 »Family Photo with Facade«
FC 1140/0 »Family Photo with Slingshot«
FC 1150/2 A Sticky Situation
FC 1150/3 Ring Leader Roundup
FC 1150/6 Daringly Different
FC 1150/8 Friendly Enemy
FC 1161/4 The Reversed Rescue
FC 1184/2 Monsterville
FC 1184/3 The Cube
FC 1184/4 Mighty but Miserable
FC 1184/5 Brain-Strain
FC 1184/6 The Old Timer
FC 1239/0 »Family Portrait with Bear Rug«
FC 1267/0 Gyro Makes His Mark
Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks top
Publ. Title
HDL 7/1 Whale of a Good Deed
HDL 10/1 Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!)
HDL 11/1 Traitor in the Ranks
HDL 16/1 Where There's Smoke
HDL 21/1 Music Hath Charms
HDL 22/1 The Phantom Joker
Italian Publications top
Publ. Title
I 2000/1 Somewhere in Nowhere
Kite Giveaway top
Publ. Title
KG 1/1 Donald Duck Tells about Kites
Little Golden Book D top
Publ. Title
LGB D 84/1 Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol
March of Comics top
Publ. Title
MOC 4/1 Maharajah Donald
MOC 4/2 The Peaceful Hills
MOC 20/1 In Darkest Africa
MOC 41/1 Race to the South Seas
Mickey Mouse Almanac top
Publ. Title
MMA 1/2 September Scrimmage
Summer Fun top
Publ. Title
SF 2/2 Jungle Hi-Jinks
Top Top Tales top
Publ. Title
TTT 2465/0 »The Lemonade King«
TTT 2465/2 The Lemonade King
Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
US 4/0 »Expensive Mending«
US 4/1 Uncle Scrooge [Ballet Evasions]
US 4/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Menehune Mystery]
US 5/1 Uncle Scrooge [Hospitality Week]
US 5/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Secret of Atlantis]
US 5/3 Uncle Scrooge [McDuck Takes a Dive]
US 5/4 Uncle Scrooge [Slippery Sipper]
US 6/2 Uncle Scrooge [Tralla La]
US 6/3 Uncle Scrooge [Outfoxed Fox]
US 7/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Seven Cities of Cibola]
US 7/4 Uncle Scrooge [Wrong Number]
US 8/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Mysterious Stone Ray]
US 8/3 Uncle Scrooge [A Campaign of Note]
US 8/5 Uncle Scrooge [Blanket Investment]
US 9/1 Uncle Scrooge [Easy Mowing]
US 9/2 The Lemming with the Locket
US 9/3 The Tuckered Tiger
US 9/4 Uncle Scrooge [Ski Lift Letdown]
US 10/2 The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone
US 10/3 Heirloom Watch
US 10/4 Uncle Scrooge [Smash Success]
US 11/1 The Great Steamboat Race
US 11/2 Riches, Riches, Everywhere!
US 11/3 Uncle Scrooge [Come as You Are]
US 12/1 Uncle Scrooge [Watt an Occasion]
US 12/2 The Golden Fleecing
US 13/2 Land beneath the Ground
US 14/1 Uncle Scrooge [Luncheon Lament]
US 14/2 The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
US 14/4 Uncle Scrooge [Faulty Fortune]
US 14/5 Uncle Scrooge [Gold Ruse]
US 15/1 Uncle Scrooge [Buffo or Bust]
US 15/2 The Second-Richest Duck
US 15/4 Uncle Scrooge [Migrating Millions]
US 15/5 Uncle Scrooge [Pound for Sound]
US 16/2 Back to Long Ago
US 16/4 Uncle Scrooge [The "Colossalest Surprise" Quiz Show]
US 17/2 A Cold Bargain
US 18/2 Land of the Pygmy Indians
US 19/2 The Mines of King Solomon
US 20/1 City of Golden Roofs
US 21/2 The Money Well
US 22/0 »Portable Cash Register«
US 22/1 Uncle Scrooge [Going to Pieces]
US 22/2 The Golden River
US 23/2 The Strange Shipwrecks
US 23/4 The Fabulous Tycoon
US 24/1 The Twenty-Four Carat Moon
US 24/3 The Magic Ink
US 25/2 The Flying Dutchman
US 25/4 Uncle Scrooge [Pyramid Scheme]
US 25/7 Uncle Scrooge [Kitty-Go-Round]
US 26/1 The Prize of Pizarro
US 26/3 Uncle Scrooge [Pizen Bluff]
US 27/1 The Money Champ
US 27/3 Uncle Scrooge and His Handy Andy
US 28/1 The "Paul Bunyan" Machine
US 28/3 The Witching Stick
US 28/4 The Money Hat
US 29/1 Island in the Sky
US 29/3 Hound of the Whiskervilles
US 30/1 Pipeline to Danger
US 30/3 Yoicks! The Fox!
US 31/1 All at Sea
US 31/3 Two-Way Luck
US 32/1 That's No Fable!
US 32/3 Clothes Make the Duck
US 32/5 A Thrift Gift
US 33/2 Billions in the Hole
US 33/4 Bongo on the Congo
US 33/5 The Big Bobber
US 33/6 Thumbs Up
US 34/1 Mythtic Mystery
US 34/3 Chugwagon Derby
US 35/1 The Golden Nugget Boat
US 36/1 The Midas Touch
US 36/3 Money Bag Goat
US 37/2 Cave of Ali Baba
US 37/4 Deep Down Doings
US 38/2 The Unsafe Safe
US 38/4 Much Luck McDuck
US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing
US 39/2 A Spicy Tale
US 39/4 Tricky Experiment
US 40/1 Oddball Odyssey
US 41/1 The Status Seeker
US 42/2 The Case of the Sticky Money
US 42/4 Uncle Scrooge [Sidewalk of the Mind]
US 43/1 For Old Dime's Sake
US 44/1 Crown of the Mayas
US 44/2 The Invisible Intruder
US 45/0 »Isle of Golden Geese«
US 45/1 »Raking Money«
US 45/2 Isle of Golden Geese
US 45/3 The Travel Tightwad
US 46/0 »Lost beneath the Sea«
US 46/1 Lost beneath the Sea
US 46/3 The Lemonade Fling
US 47/0 »The Thrifty Spendthrift«
US 47/1 The Thrifty Spendthrift
US 47/3 Uncle Scrooge [No Bargain]
US 47/4 Uncle Scrooge [Up and at It]
US 48/0 »The Many Faces of Magica de Spell«
US 48/1 The Many Faces of Magica de Spell
US 49/0 »The Loony Lunar Gold Rush«
US 49/1 The Loony Lunar Gold Rush
US 50/0 »Rug Riders in the Sky«
US 50/1 Rug Riders in the Sky
US 51/1 How Green Was My Lettuce
US 52/0 »The Great Wig Mystery«
US 52/1 The Great Wig Mystery
US 53/0 »Interplanetary Postman«
US 53/1 Interplanetary Postman
US 54/0 »The Billion Dollar Safari«
US 54/1 The Billion Dollar Safari
US 55/0 »McDuck of Arabia«
US 55/1 McDuck of Arabia
US 56/0 »Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad«
US 56/1 »Ghost Talk Spooken Here«
US 56/2 Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad
US 57/2 The Swamp of No Return
US 58/0 »The Giant Robot Robbers«
US 58/1 The Giant Robot Robbers
US 58/3 Uncle Scrooge [Long Distance Collision]
US 59/1 North of the Yukon
US 60/0 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
US 60/1 The Phantom of Notre Duck
US 61/0 »So Far and No Safari«
US 61/2 So Far and No Safari
US 62/0 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
US 62/1 The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack
US 63/1 House of Haunts
US 64/0 »Treasure of Marco Polo«
US 64/1 Treasure of Marco Polo
US 65/1 Micro-Ducks from Outer Space
US 66/0 »The Heedless Horseman«
US 66/1 The Heedless Horseman
US 68/0 »Hall of the Mermaid Queen«
US 68/1 Hall of the Mermaid Queen
US 69/0 »The Cattle King«
US 69/1 The Cattle King
US 70/0 »The Doom Diamond«
US 70/1 The Doom Diamond
US 71/0 »King Scrooge the First«
US 71/1 King Scrooge the First
Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life & Times top
Publ. Title
USHLT 1/1 Go Slowly, Sands of Time
Vacation Parade top
Publ. Title
VP 1/1 Vacation Time
VP 1/2 Camp Counselor
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 31/1 Donald Duck [The Victory Garden]
WDC 32/1 Donald Duck [The Rabbit's Foot]
WDC 33/1 Donald Duck [Lifeguard Daze]
WDC 34/1 Donald Duck [Good Deeds]
WDC 35/1 Donald Duck [The Limber W Guest Ranch]
WDC 36/1 The Mighty Trapper
WDC 38/1 Good Neighbors
WDC 39/1 Salesman Donald
WDC 40/1 Snow Fun
WDC 41/1 The Duck in the Iron Pants
WDC 42/1 Kite Weather
WDC 43/1 Three Dirty Little Ducks
WDC 44/1 The Mad Chemist
WDC 45/1 Rival Boatmen
WDC 46/1 Camera Crazy
WDC 47/1 Donald Duck [Farragut the Falcon]
WDC 48/1 Donald Duck [The Purloined Putty]
WDC 49/1 Donald Duck [High Wire Daredevils]
WDC 50/1 Donald Duck [Ten Cents Worth of Trouble]
WDC 51/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Bay Lot]
WDC 52/1 Donald Duck [Thievery Afoot]
WDC 53/1 Donald Duck [The Tramp Steamer]
WDC 54/1 Donald Duck [The Long Race to Pumpkinburg]
WDC 55/1 Donald Duck [Donald Learns the Ropes]
WDC 56/1 Donald Duck [The Icebox Robber]
WDC 57/1 Donald Duck [Pecking Order]
WDC 58/1 Donald Duck [Taming the Rapids]
WDC 59/1 Donald Duck [Days at the Lazy K]
WDC 60/1 Donald Duck [Eyes in the Dark]
WDC 61/1 Donald Duck [Thug Busters]
WDC 62/1 Donald Duck [The Great Ski Race]
WDC 63/1 Donald Duck [Ten-Dollar Dither]
WDC 64/1 Donald Duck [Donald Tames His Temper]
WDC 65/1 Donald Duck [Joe from Singapore]
WDC 66/1 Donald Duck [The Master Ice-Fisher]
WDC 67/1 Donald Duck [Jet Rescue]
WDC 68/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Monster Kite]
WDC 69/1 Donald Duck [Biceps Blues]
WDC 70/1 Donald Duck [The Smugsnorkle Squatty]
WDC 71/1 Donald Duck [Swimming Swindlers]
WDC 72/1 Donald Duck [Playing Hookey]
WDC 73/1 Donald Duck [The Gold Finder]
WDC 74/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck and the Boys]
WDC 75/1 Donald Duck [Turkey Trouble]
WDC 76/1 Donald Duck [The Cantankerous Cat]
WDC 77/1 Donald Duck [Going Buggy]
WDC 78/1 Donald Duck [Jam Robbers]
WDC 79/1 Donald Duck [Picnic Tricks]
WDC 80/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Posy Patch]
WDC 81/1 Donald Duck [Donald Mines His Own Business]
WDC 82/1 Donald Duck [Magical Misery]
WDC 83/1 Donald Duck [Vacation Time]
WDC 84/1 Donald Duck [The Waltz King]
WDC 85/1 Donald Duck [Atonal Terror]
WDC 86/1 Donald Duck [Fireman Donald]
WDC 87/1 Donald Duck [The Terrible Turkey]
WDC 88/1 Donald Duck [Wintertime Wager]
WDC 89/1 Donald Duck [Watching the Watchman]
WDC 90/1 Donald Duck [Wired]
WDC 91/1 Donald Duck [Going Ape]
WDC 92/1 Donald Duck [Spoil the Rod]
WDC 93/1 Donald Duck [Rocket Race to the Moon]
WDC 94/1 Donald Duck [Donald of the Coast Patrol]
WDC 95/0 »St. Bernard on the Beach«
WDC 95/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone Returns]
WDC 96/0 »Too Much Soap«
WDC 96/1 Donald Duck [Links Hijinks]
WDC 97/1 Donald Duck [Pearls of Wisdom]
WDC 98/1 Donald Duck [Foxy Relations]
WDC 99/1 Donald Duck [The Crazy Quiz Show]
WDC 100/1 Donald Duck [Truant Officer Donald]
WDC 101/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare]
WDC 102/1 Donald Duck [Pizen Spring Dude Ranch]
WDC 103/1 Donald Duck [Rival Beachcombers]
WDC 104/0 »Truant Officer«
WDC 104/1 Donald Duck [The Sunken Yacht]
WDC 105/1 Donald Duck [Managing the Echo System]
WDC 106/1 Donald Duck [Plenty of Pets]
WDC 107/1 Donald Duck [Super Snooper]
WDC 108/0 »Sailboat«
WDC 108/1 Donald Duck [The Great Duckburg Frog Jumping Contest]
WDC 109/0 »Hit by the News«
WDC 109/1 Donald Duck [Dowsing Ducks]
WDC 110/1 Donald Duck [The Goldilocks Gambit]
WDC 111/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Love Letters]
WDC 112/1 Donald Duck [Rip van Donald]
WDC 114/1 Donald Duck [Mission to Codfish Cove]
WDC 117/1 Donald Duck [Wild about Flowers]
WDC 124/1 Donald Duck [Billions to Sneeze at]
WDC 125/1 Donald Duck [Operation St. Bernard]
WDC 126/1 Donald Duck [A Financial Fable]
WDC 127/1 Donald Duck [April Foolers]
WDC 128/1 Donald Duck [Knightly Rivals]
WDC 129/1 Donald Duck [Pool Sharks]
WDC 130/0 »Slow Boat to Duckburg«
WDC 130/1 Donald Duck [The Trouble with Dimes]
WDC 131/0 »Fireworks Rocket«
WDC 131/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Luck]
WDC 132/0 »Wet Flower«
WDC 132/1 Donald Duck [Ten Star Generals]
WDC 133/0 »Candy and Nails«
WDC 133/1 Donald Duck [The Truant Nephews]
WDC 134/0 »Halloween Pumpkin Cake«
WDC 134/1 Donald Duck [Terror of the Beagle Boys]
WDC 135/0 »Pilgrim Father with Turkeys«
WDC 135/1 Donald Duck [The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill]
WDC 136/0 »Punch Pistols«
WDC 136/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year]
WDC 137/0 »Claiming the Blanket«
WDC 137/1 Donald Duck [The Screaming Cowboy]
WDC 138/0 »Snow-Covered Sidewalk«
WDC 138/1 Donald Duck [Statuesque Spendthrifts]
WDC 139/0 »Apple Sauce for the Teacher«
WDC 139/1 Donald Duck [Rocket Wing Saves the Day]
WDC 140/0 »Flubbity Dubbity Duffer«
WDC 140/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Terrible Secret]
WDC 141/0 »Wet Accordion«
WDC 141/1 Donald Duck [The Think Box Bollix]
WDC 142/0 »Feeding Pigeons«
WDC 142/1 Donald Duck [Houseboat Holiday]
WDC 143/0 »Fake Shark Fin«
WDC 143/1 Donald Duck [Gemstone Hunters]
WDC 144/0 »Stuck in Pole-Vaulting«
WDC 144/1 Donald Duck [Spending Money]
WDC 145/0 »Jumping the Sausages«
WDC 145/1 Donald Duck [The Hypno Gun]
WDC 146/0 »Nephews in Towel«
WDC 146/1 Donald Duck [Omelet]
WDC 147/0 »Ladder to Cookie Jar«
WDC 147/1 Donald Duck [A Charitable Chore]
WDC 148/0 »Christmas Carolers«
WDC 148/1 Donald Duck [Turkey with All the Schemings]
WDC 149/0 »Skiing and First Aid«
WDC 149/1 Donald Duck [Flip Decision]
WDC 150/0 »Three under a Dunce Cap«
WDC 150/1 Donald Duck [My Lucky Valentine]
WDC 151/0 »Donald, the Traffic Light«
WDC 151/1 Donald Duck [The Easter Election]
WDC 152/0 »Easter Golf Balls«
WDC 152/1 Donald Duck [The Talking Dog]
WDC 153/0 »Don't Touch the Cake«
WDC 153/1 Donald Duck [Worm Weary]
WDC 154/0 »Tuba Lemonade«
WDC 154/1 Donald Duck [Much Ado about Quackly Hall]
WDC 155/0 »Rude Awakening«
WDC 155/1 Donald Duck [Some Heir over the Rainbow]
WDC 156/0 »Dirty Towel«
WDC 156/1 Donald Duck [The Master Rainmaker]
WDC 157/0 »Hidden Fishing«
WDC 157/1 Donald Duck [The Money Stairs]
WDC 158/0 »Worm in Apple«
WDC 158/1 Donald Duck [Bee Bumbles]
WDC 159/0 »Photo with Candy Canes«
WDC 159/1 Donald Duck [Wispy Willie]
WDC 160/0 »Boats in Footbath«
WDC 160/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck and the Hammy Camel]
WDC 161/0 »Stamp Collection Gone with the Wind«
WDC 161/1 Donald Duck [Fix-Up Mix-Up]
WDC 162/0 »Picket Duel«
WDC 162/1 Donald Duck [Turkey Trot at One Whistle]
WDC 163/0 »Musical Baseball«
WDC 163/1 Donald Duck [Raffle Reversal]
WDC 164/0 »Compleat Golfer«
WDC 164/1 Donald Duck [Flour Follies]
WDC 165/0 »Saw, Axe, and Drill«
WDC 165/1 Donald Duck [The Price of Fame]
WDC 166/0 »Dog under Blanket«
WDC 166/1 Donald Duck [Midgets Madness]
WDC 167/0 »Fly on Beak«
WDC 167/1 Donald Duck [Salmon Derby]
WDC 168/0 »Cut Headdresses«
WDC 168/1 Donald Duck [Cheltenham's Choice]
WDC 169/0 »Initial Haircut«
WDC 169/1 Donald Duck [Travelling Truants]
WDC 170/0 »Heating-Blanket Wigwam«
WDC 170/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck Rants about Ants]
WDC 171/0 »Presents in the Closet«
WDC 171/1 Donald Duck [The Too-Safe Safe]
WDC 172/0 »Oiling a Violin«
WDC 172/1 Donald Duck [Search for the Cuspidoria]
WDC 173/0 »Rubber-Glove Balloons«
WDC 173/1 Donald Duck [New Year's Revolutions]
WDC 174/0 »Pass-through Piggy Bank«
WDC 174/1 Donald Duck [Worst Class Mail]
WDC 175/0 »Quarreling over Checkers«
WDC 175/1 Donald Duck [The Daffy Taffy Pull]
WDC 176/0 »Report Cards with Back Insurance«
WDC 176/1 Donald Duck [The Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp]
WDC 177/0 »The Jacket Sail«
WDC 177/1 Donald Duck [A Descent Interval]
WDC 178/0 »Much Ado about Sweets«
WDC 178/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Raucous Role]
WDC 179/1 Donald Duck [Good Canoes and Bad Canoes]
WDC 180/0 »Sombrero Siesta«
WDC 180/1 Donald Duck [Trouble Indemnity]
WDC 181/1 Donald Duck [The Chickadee Challenge]
WDC 182/1 Donald Duck [The Unorthodox Ox]
WDC 183/0 »Toy Train«
WDC 183/1 Donald Duck [The Custard Gun]
WDC 184/1 Donald Duck [Three Un-Ducks]
WDC 185/1 Donald Duck [Secret Resolutions]
WDC 186/1 Donald Duck [The Ice Taxis]
WDC 187/1 Donald Duck [Searching for a Successor]
WDC 188/1 Donald Duck [The Olympic Hopeful]
WDC 189/1 Donald Duck [Gopher Goof-Ups]
WDC 190/1 Donald Duck [In the Swim]
WDC 191/1 Donald Duck [Camping Confusion]
WDC 192/1 Donald Duck [The Master]
WDC 193/1 Donald Duck [A Whale of a Story]
WDC 194/1 Donald Duck [Smoke Writer in the Sky]
WDC 195/1 Donald Duck [The Runaway Train]
WDC 196/1 Donald Duck [Statues of Limitations]
WDC 197/1 Donald Duck [Borderline Hero]
WDC 198/0 »The Punching Ball«
WDC 198/1 Donald Duck [Knight in Shining Armor]
WDC 199/0 »Wet Painters«
WDC 199/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Big Imagination]
WDC 200/0 »The Walking Hat«
WDC 200/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Pet Service]
WDC 201/1 Donald Duck [The Dye Is Cast]
WDC 202/1 Donald Duck [Kakimaw Country]
WDC 203/1 Donald Duck [Special Delivery]
WDC 204/0 »Checkers with Jumping Beans«
WDC 204/1 Donald Duck [Losing Face]
WDC 205/1 Donald Duck [Red Apple Sap]
WDC 206/0 »Sticky Taffy«
WDC 206/1 Donald Duck [Sagmore Springs Hotel]
WDC 207/0 »Parrot Ventriloquist«
WDC 207/1 Donald Duck [The Tenderfoot Trap]
WDC 208/0 »Shared Poncho«
WDC 208/1 Donald Duck [The Code of Duckburg]
WDC 209/0 »Catapult Chair«
WDC 209/1 Donald Duck [The Persistent Postman]
WDC 210/1 Donald Duck [The Half-Baked Baker]
WDC 211/1 Donald Duck [Wishing Stone Island]
WDC 212/0 »Drippy Paint«
WDC 212/1 Donald Duck [Around the World in Eighty Minutes]
WDC 213/0 »Paddle Mix-Up«
WDC 213/1 Donald Duck [Dodging Miss Daisy]
WDC 214/0 »Held-Up Ice-Cones«
WDC 214/1 Donald Duck [Fearsome Flowers]
WDC 215/0 »Towel Transport«
WDC 215/1 Donald Duck [Mocking Bird Ridge]
WDC 216/0 »Do not Disturb the Sleeper«
WDC 216/1 Donald Duck [Old Froggie Catapult]
WDC 217/1 Donald Duck [Dramatic Donald]
WDC 218/0 »Bathtub Boats«
WDC 218/1 Donald Duck [Noble Porpoises]
WDC 219/1 Donald Duck [The Littlest Chicken Thief]
WDC 220/0 »The TV Telephone«
WDC 220/1 Donald Duck [Weemite]
WDC 221/1 Donald Duck [Tracking Sandy]
WDC 222/1 Donald Duck [The Master Mover]
WDC 223/1 Donald Duck [First Day of Spring]
WDC 224/1 Donald Duck [The Beachcomber's Picnic]
WDC 225/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck: Volunteer Fireman]
WDC 226/0 »The Rubber Horse«
WDC 226/1 Donald Duck [The Floating Island]
WDC 227/1 Donald Duck [A Tracking Frenzy]
WDC 228/0 »Fish on a Limb«
WDC 228/1 Donald Duck [No Rest for the Rescued]
WDC 229/0 »Too Many Straws«
WDC 229/1 The Good Deeds
WDC 230/0 »A Dachshund Gets Stuck«
WDC 230/1 Black Wednesday
WDC 231/0 »Washing Up in the Bathtub«
WDC 231/1 The Wax Museum
WDC 232/0 »Icicle Xylophone«
WDC 232/1 Under the Polar Ice
WDC 233/0 »Gunfight with Umbrellas«
WDC 233/1 Knights of the Flying Sleds
WDC 234/1 Riding the Pony Express
WDC 235/0 »Vacuum-Cleaned Nephews«
WDC 235/1 Want to Buy an Island?
WDC 236/0 »A Cabin with an Interior«
WDC 236/1 Froggy Farmer
WDC 237/0 »Bread versus Rod«
WDC 237/1 Mystery of the Loch
WDC 238/0 »Ducks with Rubber Rings«
WDC 238/1 The Dog-Sitter
WDC 239/1 The Village Blacksmith
WDC 240/0 »All under One Umbrella«
WDC 240/1 The Fraidy Falcon
WDC 241/0 »Shared Bandage«
WDC 241/1 Rocks to Riches
WDC 242/0 »Ticket for a Toy Car«
WDC 242/1 Balloonatics
WDC 243/0 »Shovel Sled«
WDC 243/1 Turkey Trouble
WDC 244/1 Missile Fizzle
WDC 245/1 Sitting High
WDC 246/1 Lost Frontier
WDC 247/0 »Danger, Kids at Play«
WDC 247/1 The Madcap Mariner
WDC 248/1 Terrible Tourist
WDC 249/1 Stranger than Fiction
WDC 250/0 »Too Much Coal«
WDC 250/1 Boxed-In
WDC 251/1 Duck Luck
WDC 252/1 Mr. Private Eye
WDC 253/0 »Safe Shopping«
WDC 253/1 Hound Hounder
WDC 254/1 Jet Witch
WDC 255/1 Boat Buster
WDC 256/0 »Snowball-Throwing Snowman«
WDC 256/1 Northeaster on Cape Quack
WDC 257/1 Movie Mad
WDC 258/1 Ten-Cent Valentine
WDC 259/1 Jungle Bungle
WDC 260/0 »The Knot in the Hose«
WDC 260/1 Merry Ferry
WDC 261/0 »Shared Picnic«
WDC 261/1 Medaling Around
WDC 262/1 Way Out Yonder
WDC 263/1 The Candy Kid
WDC 264/1 Master Wrecker
WDC 265/1 Raven Mad
WDC 266/1 Stalwart Ranger
WDC 267/1 Log Jockey
WDC 268/1 Christmas Cheers
WDC 269/1 A Matter of Factory
WDC 270/1 The Jinxed Jalopy Race
WDC 271/1 A Stone's Throw from Ghost Town
WDC 272/1 Spare That Hair
WDC 273/1 A Duck's Eye View of Europe
WDC 274/1 Gall of the Wild
WDC 275/1 Zero Hero
WDC 276/0 »Beach Boy«
WDC 276/1 Beach Boy
WDC 277/0 »The Duckburg Pet Parade«
WDC 277/1 The Duckburg Pet Parade
WDC 278/0 »Have Gun, Will Dance«
WDC 278/1 Have Gun, Will Dance
WDC 279/0 »Once upon a Carnival«
WDC 279/1 Once upon a Carnival
WDC 280/0 »Double Masquerade«
WDC 280/1 Double Masquerade
WDC 281/0 »Feud and Far Between«
WDC 281/1 Feud and Far Between
WDC 282/0 »Bubbleweight Champ/The Amazing Madam Mim Meets the Beagle Boys«
WDC 282/1 Bubbleweight Champ
WDC 283/0 »Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship«
WDC 283/1 Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship
WDC 286/1 The Olympian Torch Bearer
WDC 288/0 »Hero of the Dike«
WDC 288/1 Hero of the Dike
WDC 289/0 »Unfriendly Enemies«
WDC 289/1 Unfriendly Enemies
WDC 290/0 »A Football in the Soup«
WDC 291/0 »Matching Masquerade«
WDC 291/1 Delivery Dilemma
WDC 292/0 »The Turkey and the Pilgrim Fathers«
WDC 292/1 Instant Hercules
WDC 294/1 Duck Out of Luck
WDC 295/0 »Timber Tycoon«
WDC 296/0 »Fish in the Hat«
WDC 297/0 »A Dachshund with Three Ropes«
WDC 297/1 Monkey Business
WDC 298/0 »Riding the Vacuum Cleaner«
WDC 301/0 »Fished Fisher«
WDC 303/0 »How to Attract a Turkey«
WDC 304/0 »Jo-Jo Mix-Up«
WDC 306/0 »The Water-Pipe Bed«
WDC 307/0 »The Plane-Swatter«
WDC 308/1 The Beauty Business
WDC 309/0 »Skateboard A-Boo-Boo«
WDC 310/0 »Little Miss Muscle«
WDC 312/1 The Not-So-Ancient Mariner
WDC 313/0 »Musical Helmets«
WDC 314/0 »A Rocket in the Cake«
WDC 315/0 »Hatrack Ghost«
WDC 316/0 »Double Dalmatian«
WDC 319/0 »Investigating a Piggy Bank«
WDC 321/0 »Manhole Ahead«
WDC 322/0 »The Ponytail«
WDC 324/0 »Fire under the Umbrella«
WDC 326/0 »Crash Landing«
WDC 328/0 »To Ski or to Sled«
WDC 329/0 »Wet Encounter with a Snowman«
WDC 331/0 »The Moon Rocket«
WDC 332/0 »Cuckoo Hunters«
WDC 334/0 »The Fish in the Soap Bubble«
WDC 341/0 »Snowball-Throwing Snowman«
WDC 342/0 »Popcorn Dryer«
WDC 350/0 »Seasick«
WDC 351/0 »Turkey Hideout«
Whitman Book top
Publ. Title
WB 845/1 Donald Duck and the Boys
Unpublished Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
UNP US 19/1 Uncle Scrooge [Blinders]
Unpublished Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
UNP WDC 64/1 Donald Duck [Silent Night]
UNP WDC 1957/1 Donald Duck [The Milkman]
Alternate Covers Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
AC DD 117/1 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
AC DD 117/2 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
AC DD 126/1 »Officer for a Day«
Alternate Covers Top Top Tales top
Publ. Title
AC TTT 2465/1 »The Lemonade King«
Alternate Covers Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
AC US 19/1 »King Solomon's Mines«
AC US 19/2 »King Solomon's Mines«
AC US 46/1 »Lost in Davy Jones' Locker«
AC US 46/2 »Lost beneath the Sea«
AC US 49/1 »The Loony Lunar Gold Rush«
AC US 50/1 »Rug Bugs in Old Bugdud«
AC US 54/1 »The Billion Dollar Safari«
AC US 58/1 »The Giant Robot Robbers«
AC US 60/1 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
AC US 60/2 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
AC US 62/1 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
AC US 62/2 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
AC US 64/1 »Treasure of Marco Polo«
AC US 68/1 »Hall of the Mermaid Queen«
AC US 70/1 »The Doom Diamond«
AC US 71/1 »King Scrooge the First«
AC US 71/2 »King Scrooge the First«
Cover Ideas top
Publ. Title
CI 1 »Harping a Cake«
CI 2 »Hammocks«
CI 4 »Wide Load«
CI 6 »The Moose Call«
CI 7 »Kids as Matadors«
CI 8 »Unexpected Encounter«
CI 17 »Maharajah Donald«

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