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Dell Giant 38
CBL VI/3/730 · C: 1960-04-25 · P: 1960-11 · cover
Script/idea only
Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey, and Louie; Scrooge McDuck; Daisy Duck; Grandma Duck
The Duck family pursuing some leasure-time activities: the nephews work a puzzle, Daisy writes into her diary, Donald reads a newspaper, Grandma leafs through an album, and Scrooge looks at a money bill.
DG 38 had the book title »Uncle Donald and His Nephews Family Fun«.
Idea sketch only by Barks; the cover as published was not a colored ink drawing, but a painting.
There is a sketch by Barks which differs in some details from the published version; here, the nephews read comics, Daisy reads a women's magazine, Donald reads the sports pages, Grandma reads a cookbook, and Scrooge looks at a dollar bill (CBL VI/3/825).

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