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Appearances: Scrooge McDuck
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The Carl Barks Library top
Publ. Title
CBL 3/0 »Six Cups«
CBL 4/0 »The Flying Dutchman«
CBL 8/0 »Family Photo with Coin«
Christmas in Disneyland top
Publ. Title
CID 1/1 Donald Duck [The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama]
Christmas Parade top
Publ. Title
CP 1/1 Letter to Santa
CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!
CP 9/1 Christmas in Duckburg
Danish Publications top
Publ. Title
D 6856/1 Go Slowly, Sands of Time
D 94003/1 Horsing Around with History
Dell Giant top
Publ. Title
DG 26/1 The Christmas Cha Cha
DG 38/0 »Easy Reading«
Disneyland Birthday Party top
Publ. Title
DBP 1/1 Uncle Scrooge and Gyro [The Forbidium Money Bin]
Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
DD 46/1 Secret of Hondorica
DD 51/1 Donald Duck [All Season Hat]
DD 52/1 The Lost Peg Leg Mine
DD 60/1 The Titanic Ants
DD 71/1 Rainbow's End
DD 79/1 Poor Loser
DD 81/1 The Sleepies
DD 101/0 »The Incredible Golden Iceberg«
DD 105/0 »The Great Rainbow Race«
DD 117/0 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
DD 117/1 Pawns of the Loup Garou
Donald Duck Album top
Publ. Title
DDA 1/0 »Family Photo with Flash«
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 178/2 Christmas on Bear Mountain
FC 189/2 The Old Castle's Secret
FC 238/2 Voodoo Hoodoo
FC 263/3 Trail of the Unicorn
FC 282/1 The Pixilated Parrot
FC 291/1 The Magic Hourglass
FC 318/1 No Such Varmint
FC 353/0 »Five Photos«
FC 367/2 A Christmas for Shacktown
FC 386/0 »Only a Poor Old Man«
FC 386/1 Uncle Scrooge [Osogood Silver Polish]
FC 386/2 Only a Poor Old Man
FC 386/3 Uncle Scrooge [Coffee for Two]
FC 386/4 Uncle Scrooge [Soupline Eight]
FC 422/1 Donald Duck [Stable Prices]
FC 450/0 »Family Portrait«
FC 456/0 »Back to the Klondike«
FC 456/1 Uncle Scrooge [Fare Delay]
FC 456/2 Back to the Klondike
FC 456/3 Somethin' Fishy Here
FC 456/4 Uncle Scrooge [Height of Finance]
FC 456/5 Uncle Scrooge [Evenly Matched]
FC 495/0 »Pirate Jack-in-the-Box«
FC 495/1 Uncle Scrooge [Too Much]
FC 495/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Horse-Radish Story]
FC 495/3 Uncle Scrooge [The Round Money Bin]
FC 495/4 Uncle Scrooge [Follow the Rainbow]
FC 495/5 Uncle Scrooge [Itching to Share]
FC 1010/2 A Honey of a Hen
FC 1025/2 Trail Tycoon
FC 1047/3 The Stubborn Stork
FC 1055/2 The Librarian
FC 1055/5 Donald's Party
FC 1073/4 Free Ski Spree
FC 1095/2 Cave of the Winds
FC 1099/0 »Family Photo with Facade«
FC 1150/5 Ruling the Roost
FC 1161/1 The Whole Herd of Help
FC 1184/2 Monsterville
FC 1184/4 Mighty but Miserable
FC 1239/0 »Family Portrait with Bear Rug«
Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks top
Publ. Title
HDL 6/1 Peril of the Black Forest
HDL 7/1 Whale of a Good Deed
HDL 8/1 Let Sleeping Bones Lie
HDL 9/1 Looter of the Lake
HDL 10/1 Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!)
HDL 11/2 Eagle Savers
HDL 12/1 Hound of the Moaning Hills
HDL 13/1 The Day the Mountain Shook
HDL 14/1 Duckmade Disaster
HDL 15/1 Wailing Whalers
HDL 19/1 Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon
Italian Publications top
Publ. Title
I 2000/1 Somewhere in Nowhere
Little Golden Book D top
Publ. Title
LGB D 84/1 Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol
March of Comics top
Publ. Title
MOC 41/1 Race to the South Seas
Mickey Mouse Almanac top
Publ. Title
MMA 1/2 September Scrimmage
Summer Fun top
Publ. Title
SF 2/1 Fun? What's That?
Top Top Tales top
Publ. Title
TTT 2465/0 »The Lemonade King«
TTT 2465/2 The Lemonade King
Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
US 4/0 »Expensive Mending«
US 4/1 Uncle Scrooge [Ballet Evasions]
US 4/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Menehune Mystery]
US 4/3 Uncle Scrooge [The Cheapest Weigh]
US 4/4 Uncle Scrooge [Bum Steer]
US 5/0 »The Musical Cash-Register«
US 5/1 Uncle Scrooge [Hospitality Week]
US 5/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Secret of Atlantis]
US 5/3 Uncle Scrooge [McDuck Takes a Dive]
US 5/4 Uncle Scrooge [Slippery Sipper]
US 6/0 »Washing Money«
US 6/1 Uncle Scrooge [Oil the News]
US 6/2 Uncle Scrooge [Tralla La]
US 6/3 Uncle Scrooge [Outfoxed Fox]
US 6/4 Uncle Scrooge [Dig It!]
US 6/5 Uncle Scrooge [Mental Fee]
US 7/0 »Wishing Well«
US 7/1 Uncle Scrooge [Temper Tampering]
US 7/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Seven Cities of Cibola]
US 7/3 Uncle Scrooge [Pigeonholed Millions]
US 7/4 Uncle Scrooge [Wrong Number]
US 7/5 Uncle Scrooge [Diner Dilemma]
US 8/0 »Skating Dollar Signs«
US 8/1 Uncle Scrooge [Cash on the Brain]
US 8/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Mysterious Stone Ray]
US 8/3 Uncle Scrooge [A Campaign of Note]
US 8/4 Uncle Scrooge [Classy Taxi]
US 8/5 Uncle Scrooge [Blanket Investment]
US 9/0 »Dollar Bush«
US 9/1 Uncle Scrooge [Easy Mowing]
US 9/2 The Lemming with the Locket
US 9/3 The Tuckered Tiger
US 9/4 Uncle Scrooge [Ski Lift Letdown]
US 9/5 Uncle Scrooge [Cast of Thousands]
US 10/0 »Money-Sorting Machine«
US 10/1 Uncle Scrooge [Deep Decision]
US 10/2 The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone
US 10/3 Heirloom Watch
US 10/4 Uncle Scrooge [Smash Success]
US 11/0 »Ironed Money«
US 11/1 The Great Steamboat Race
US 11/2 Riches, Riches, Everywhere!
US 11/3 Uncle Scrooge [Come as You Are]
US 11/4 Uncle Scrooge [Roundabout Handout]
US 12/0 »Money Hourglass«
US 12/1 Uncle Scrooge [Watt an Occasion]
US 12/2 The Golden Fleecing
US 12/3 Uncle Scrooge [Doughnut Dare]
US 12/4 Uncle Scrooge [A Sweat Deal]
US 13/0 »Money Castle«
US 13/1 Uncle Scrooge [The Art of Security]
US 13/2 Land beneath the Ground
US 13/4 Uncle Scrooge [Fashion Forecast]
US 13/5 Uncle Scrooge [Mush]
US 14/0 »Dollar Cookies«
US 14/1 Uncle Scrooge [Luncheon Lament]
US 14/2 The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan
US 14/4 Uncle Scrooge [Faulty Fortune]
US 14/5 Uncle Scrooge [Gold Ruse]
US 14/6 Uncle Scrooge [Fireflies Are Free]
US 15/0 »Canned Money«
US 15/1 Uncle Scrooge [Buffo or Bust]
US 15/2 The Second-Richest Duck
US 15/4 Uncle Scrooge [Migrating Millions]
US 15/5 Uncle Scrooge [Pound for Sound]
US 16/0 »Money-Bill Wreath«
US 16/1 Uncle Scrooge [Fertile Assets]
US 16/2 Back to Long Ago
US 16/4 Uncle Scrooge [The "Colossalest Surprise" Quiz Show]
US 16/5 Uncle Scrooge [Back Yard Bonanza]
US 16/6 »Happy New Year«
US 17/0 »Palm Reader«
US 17/1 Uncle Scrooge [Early to Build]
US 17/2 A Cold Bargain
US 17/4 Uncle Scrooge [The Eyes Have It]
US 17/5 Uncle Scrooge [China Shop Shakeup]
US 18/0 »Money Tree«
US 18/1 Uncle Scrooge [Net Worth]
US 18/2 Land of the Pygmy Indians
US 18/4 Uncle Scrooge [Relative Reaction]
US 19/0 »The Old Money Magician«
US 19/1 Uncle Scrooge [History Tossed]
US 19/2 The Mines of King Solomon
US 20/0 »Weighing Money Bags«
US 20/1 City of Golden Roofs
US 20/3 Uncle Scrooge [Rescue Enhancement]
US 21/0 »Piggy Banks«
US 21/1 Uncle Scrooge [Windfall of the Mind]
US 21/2 The Money Well
US 21/4 Uncle Scrooge [Dogged Determination]
US 21/5 Uncle Scrooge [Forgotten Precaution]
US 22/0 »Portable Cash Register«
US 22/1 Uncle Scrooge [Going to Pieces]
US 22/2 The Golden River
US 22/4 Uncle Scrooge [High Rider]
US 22/5 Uncle Scrooge [That Sinking Feeling]
US 23/0 »Money-Bill Airplanes«
US 23/1 Uncle Scrooge [Moola on the Move]
US 23/2 The Strange Shipwrecks
US 23/4 The Fabulous Tycoon
US 23/5 Uncle Scrooge [All Choked Up]
US 23/6 Uncle Scrooge [Lights Out!]
US 24/0 »Santa with Safe«
US 24/1 The Twenty-Four Carat Moon
US 24/3 The Magic Ink
US 25/0 »Dollar Signs on Eyeglasses«
US 25/1 Uncle Scrooge [Immovable Miser]
US 25/2 The Flying Dutchman
US 25/4 Uncle Scrooge [Pyramid Scheme]
US 25/5 Uncle Scrooge [Bill Wind]
US 25/6 Uncle Scrooge [News from Afar]
US 25/7 Uncle Scrooge [Kitty-Go-Round]
US 26/0 »Fishing for Coins«
US 26/1 The Prize of Pizarro
US 26/3 Uncle Scrooge [Pizen Bluff]
US 27/0 »Dollar Soap Bubbles«
US 27/1 The Money Champ
US 27/3 Uncle Scrooge and His Handy Andy
US 27/4 Uncle Scrooge Crawls for Cash
US 28/0 »Eye Test with Coins«
US 28/1 The "Paul Bunyan" Machine
US 28/3 The Witching Stick
US 28/4 The Money Hat
US 29/0 »Seesaw with Money Bag«
US 29/1 Island in the Sky
US 29/3 Hound of the Whiskervilles
US 30/0 »Money-Bill Fan«
US 30/1 Pipeline to Danger
US 30/3 Yoicks! The Fox!
US 31/0 »Keep off the Grass«
US 31/1 All at Sea
US 31/3 Two-Way Luck
US 31/4 The Secret Book
US 31/5 The Balmy Swami
US 32/0 »Hitch-Hiker Scrooge«
US 32/1 That's No Fable!
US 32/3 Clothes Make the Duck
US 32/4 The Homey Touch
US 32/5 A Thrift Gift
US 32/6 Turnabout
US 33/0 »Night Deposit«
US 33/1 Tree Trick
US 33/2 Billions in the Hole
US 33/4 Bongo on the Congo
US 33/5 The Big Bobber
US 33/6 Thumbs Up
US 34/0 »Money-Bag Dumbbells«
US 34/1 Mythtic Mystery
US 34/3 Chugwagon Derby
US 35/0 »Money-Bill Lei«
US 35/1 The Golden Nugget Boat
US 35/3 Gift Lion
US 36/0 »Money-Bill Blanket«
US 36/1 The Midas Touch
US 36/3 Money Bag Goat
US 37/0 »Mending Money Bags«
US 37/1 The Windy Story
US 37/2 Cave of Ali Baba
US 37/4 Deep Down Doings
US 38/1 Monkey Business
US 38/2 The Unsafe Safe
US 38/4 Much Luck McDuck
US 38/5 Collection Day
US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing
US 38/7 Playmates
US 39/0 »Smokewriting Dollar Signs«
US 39/1 Getting the Bird
US 39/2 A Spicy Tale
US 39/4 Tricky Experiment
US 39/5 Art Appreciation
US 39/6 Nest Egg Collector
US 40/0 »Santa with Money Bag«
US 40/1 Oddball Odyssey
US 41/1 The Status Seeker
US 42/1 Uncle Scrooge [Dueling Tycoons]
US 42/2 The Case of the Sticky Money
US 42/3 Uncle Scrooge [Wishful Excess]
US 42/4 Uncle Scrooge [Sidewalk of the Mind]
US 43/0 »Banker's Salad«
US 43/1 For Old Dime's Sake
US 44/0 »Bird's Nest with Money Bills«
US 44/1 Crown of the Mayas
US 44/2 The Invisible Intruder
US 45/0 »Isle of Golden Geese«
US 45/1 »Raking Money«
US 45/2 Isle of Golden Geese
US 45/3 The Travel Tightwad
US 46/0 »Lost beneath the Sea«
US 46/1 Lost beneath the Sea
US 46/3 The Lemonade Fling
US 46/4 Uncle Scrooge [Fireman Scrooge]
US 47/0 »The Thrifty Spendthrift«
US 47/1 The Thrifty Spendthrift
US 47/3 Uncle Scrooge [No Bargain]
US 47/4 Uncle Scrooge [Up and at It]
US 48/0 »The Many Faces of Magica de Spell«
US 48/1 The Many Faces of Magica de Spell
US 49/0 »The Loony Lunar Gold Rush«
US 49/1 The Loony Lunar Gold Rush
US 50/0 »Rug Riders in the Sky«
US 50/1 Rug Riders in the Sky
US 51/0 »How Green Was My Lettuce«
US 51/1 How Green Was My Lettuce
US 52/0 »The Great Wig Mystery«
US 52/1 The Great Wig Mystery
US 53/0 »Interplanetary Postman«
US 53/1 Interplanetary Postman
US 54/0 »The Billion Dollar Safari«
US 54/1 The Billion Dollar Safari
US 54/2 Uncle Scrooge [Saved by the Bag!]
US 54/3 Flowers Are Flowers
US 55/0 »McDuck of Arabia«
US 55/1 McDuck of Arabia
US 55/2 Uncle Scrooge [Ticking Detector]
US 56/0 »Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad«
US 56/1 »Ghost Talk Spooken Here«
US 56/2 Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad
US 57/0 »The Swamp of No Return«
US 57/1 Uncle Scrooge [The Bigger the Beggar]
US 57/2 The Swamp of No Return
US 57/3 Uncle Scrooge [The Lock Out]
US 57/4 Uncle Scrooge [Plummeting with Precision]
US 57/5 Uncle Scrooge [Snake Take]
US 58/0 »The Giant Robot Robbers«
US 58/1 The Giant Robot Robbers
US 58/2 Uncle Scrooge [Laundry for Less]
US 58/3 Uncle Scrooge [Long Distance Collision]
US 59/0 »North of the Yukon«
US 59/1 North of the Yukon
US 60/0 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
US 60/1 The Phantom of Notre Duck
US 61/0 »So Far and No Safari«
US 61/1 Uncle Scrooge [Wasted Words]
US 61/2 So Far and No Safari
US 61/3 Uncle Scrooge [Down for the Count]
US 61/4 Uncle Scrooge [Top Wages]
US 61/5 Uncle Scrooge [It Happened One Winter]
US 62/0 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
US 62/1 The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack
US 63/0 »House of Haunts«
US 63/1 House of Haunts
US 64/0 »Treasure of Marco Polo«
US 64/1 Treasure of Marco Polo
US 65/0 »Micro-Ducks from Outer Space«
US 65/1 Micro-Ducks from Outer Space
US 66/0 »The Heedless Horseman«
US 66/1 The Heedless Horseman
US 68/0 »Hall of the Mermaid Queen«
US 68/1 Hall of the Mermaid Queen
US 69/0 »The Cattle King«
US 69/1 The Cattle King
US 70/0 »The Doom Diamond«
US 70/1 The Doom Diamond
US 71/0 »King Scrooge the First«
US 71/1 King Scrooge the First
Uncle Scrooge Goes to Disneyland top
Publ. Title
USGTD 1/1 The Fantastic River Race
Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life & Times top
Publ. Title
USHLT 1/1 Go Slowly, Sands of Time
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 98/1 Donald Duck [Foxy Relations]
WDC 104/1 Donald Duck [The Sunken Yacht]
WDC 124/1 Donald Duck [Billions to Sneeze at]
WDC 126/1 Donald Duck [A Financial Fable]
WDC 130/1 Donald Duck [The Trouble with Dimes]
WDC 134/1 Donald Duck [Terror of the Beagle Boys]
WDC 135/1 Donald Duck [The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill]
WDC 138/1 Donald Duck [Statuesque Spendthrifts]
WDC 140/0 »Flubbity Dubbity Duffer«
WDC 140/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Terrible Secret]
WDC 144/1 Donald Duck [Spending Money]
WDC 145/1 Donald Duck [The Hypno Gun]
WDC 148/1 Donald Duck [Turkey with All the Schemings]
WDC 155/1 Donald Duck [Some Heir over the Rainbow]
WDC 157/1 Donald Duck [The Money Stairs]
WDC 159/1 Donald Duck [Wispy Willie]
WDC 162/1 Donald Duck [Turkey Trot at One Whistle]
WDC 164/1 Donald Duck [Flour Follies]
WDC 171/1 Donald Duck [The Too-Safe Safe]
WDC 172/1 Donald Duck [Search for the Cuspidoria]
WDC 180/1 Donald Duck [Trouble Indemnity]
WDC 187/1 Donald Duck [Searching for a Successor]
WDC 194/1 Donald Duck [Smoke Writer in the Sky]
WDC 195/1 Donald Duck [The Runaway Train]
WDC 202/1 Donald Duck [Kakimaw Country]
WDC 206/1 Donald Duck [Sagmore Springs Hotel]
WDC 207/1 Donald Duck [The Tenderfoot Trap]
WDC 215/1 Donald Duck [Mocking Bird Ridge]
WDC 221/1 Donald Duck [Tracking Sandy]
WDC 226/1 Donald Duck [The Floating Island]
WDC 230/1 Black Wednesday
WDC 239/1 The Village Blacksmith
WDC 241/1 Rocks to Riches
WDC 247/1 The Madcap Mariner
WDC 252/1 Mr. Private Eye
WDC 255/1 Boat Buster
WDC 258/1 Ten-Cent Valentine
WDC 262/2 Rags to Riches
WDC 265/1 Raven Mad
WDC 268/1 Christmas Cheers
WDC 269/1 A Matter of Factory
WDC 275/1 Zero Hero
WDC 277/1 The Duckburg Pet Parade
WDC 280/0 »Double Masquerade«
WDC 280/1 Double Masquerade
WDC 291/1 Delivery Dilemma
WDC 295/0 »Timber Tycoon«
WDC 297/1 Monkey Business
WDC 297/2 Million-Dollar Shower
Unpublished Four Color top
Publ. Title
UNP FC 1959/1 The Pied Piper of Duckburg
Unpublished Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
UNP US 19/1 Uncle Scrooge [Blinders]
Alternate Covers Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
AC DD 117/1 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
AC DD 117/2 »Pawns of the Loup Garou«
Alternate Covers Top Top Tales top
Publ. Title
AC TTT 2465/1 »The Lemonade King«
Alternate Covers Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
AC US 19/1 »King Solomon's Mines«
AC US 19/2 »King Solomon's Mines«
AC US 46/1 »Lost in Davy Jones' Locker«
AC US 46/2 »Lost beneath the Sea«
AC US 49/1 »The Loony Lunar Gold Rush«
AC US 50/1 »Rug Bugs in Old Bugdud«
AC US 54/1 »The Billion Dollar Safari«
AC US 57/1 »I Don't Remember Me«
AC US 58/1 »The Giant Robot Robbers«
AC US 60/1 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
AC US 60/2 »The Phantom of Notre Duck«
AC US 62/1 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
AC US 62/2 »The Queen of the Wild Dog Pack«
AC US 64/1 »Treasure of Marco Polo«
AC US 65/1 »Micro-Ducks from Outer Space«
AC US 65/2 »Micro-Ducks from Outer Space«
AC US 68/1 »Hall of the Mermaid Queen«
AC US 70/1 »The Doom Diamond«
AC US 70/2 »The Doom Diamond«
AC US 71/1 »King Scrooge the First«
AC US 71/2 »King Scrooge the First«
Cover Ideas top
Publ. Title
CI 3 »Dollar Soup Crackers«
CI 5 »Gold-Brick Bedwarmer«
CI 10 »Desert Bank«
CI 11 »Money Temperature«
CI 12 »Digger Golf«
CI 13 »Money Lecture«
CI 14 »Piggy-Bank Sculptor«
CI 15 »Money Wheelbarrow«
CI 16 »Worm in Album«

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