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Set X
CBL Publ. Title
X/1/17 WDC 230/0 »A Dachshund Gets Stuck«
X/1/18 WDC 231/0 »Washing Up in the Bathtub«
X/1/18 WDC 232/0 »Icicle Xylophone«
X/1/18 WDC 233/0 »Gunfight with Umbrellas«
X/1/19 WDC 235/0 »Vacuum-Cleaned Nephews«
X/1/20 WDC 236/0 »A Cabin with an Interior«
X/1/20 WDC 237/0 »Bread versus Rod«
X/1/21 WDC 230/1 Black Wednesday
X/1/31 WDC 231/1 The Wax Museum
X/1/41 WDC 232/1 Under the Polar Ice
X/1/51 WDC 233/1 Knights of the Flying Sleds
X/1/61 WDC 234/1 Riding the Pony Express
X/1/71 WDC 235/1 Want to Buy an Island?
X/1/81 WDC 236/1 Froggy Farmer
X/1/91 WDC 237/1 Mystery of the Loch
X/1/101 WDC 242/0 »Ticket for a Toy Car«
X/1/102 WDC 238/0 »Ducks with Rubber Rings«
X/1/102 WDC 240/0 »All under One Umbrella«
X/1/102 WDC 241/0 »Shared Bandage«
X/1/103 WDC 243/0 »Shovel Sled«
X/1/105 WDC 238/1 The Dog-Sitter
X/1/115 WDC 239/1 The Village Blacksmith
X/1/125 WDC 240/1 The Fraidy Falcon
X/1/135 WDC 241/1 Rocks to Riches
X/1/145 WDC 242/1 Balloonatics
X/1/155 WDC 243/1 Turkey Trouble
X/1/165 WDC 244/1 Missile Fizzle
X/1/175 WDC 245/1 Sitting High
X/1/185 WDC 250/0 »Too Much Coal«
X/1/186 WDC 247/0 »Danger, Kids at Play«
X/1/187 WDC 253/0 »Safe Shopping«
X/1/189 WDC 246/1 Lost Frontier
X/1/199 WDC 247/1 The Madcap Mariner
X/1/209 WDC 248/1 Terrible Tourist
X/1/219 WDC 249/1 Stranger than Fiction
X/1/229 WDC 250/1 Boxed-In
X/1/239 WDC 251/1 Duck Luck
X/1/249 WDC 252/1 Mr. Private Eye
X/1/259 WDC 253/1 Hound Hounder
X/2/269 WDC 256/0 »Snowball-Throwing Snowman«
X/2/271 WDC 261/0 »Shared Picnic«
X/2/272 WDC 260/0 »The Knot in the Hose«
X/2/273 WDC 254/1 Jet Witch
X/2/283 WDC 255/1 Boat Buster
X/2/293 WDC 256/1 Northeaster on Cape Quack
X/2/303 WDC 257/1 Movie Mad
X/2/313 WDC 258/1 Ten-Cent Valentine
X/2/323 WDC 259/1 Jungle Bungle
X/2/333 WDC 260/1 Merry Ferry
X/2/343 WDC 261/1 Medaling Around
X/2/355 WDC 262/1 Way Out Yonder
X/2/365 WDC 263/1 The Candy Kid
X/2/375 WDC 264/1 Master Wrecker
X/2/385 WDC 265/1 Raven Mad
X/2/395 WDC 266/1 Stalwart Ranger
X/2/405 WDC 267/1 Log Jockey
X/2/415 WDC 268/1 Christmas Cheers
X/2/425 WDC 269/1 A Matter of Factory
X/2/435 WDC 276/0 »Beach Boy«
X/2/437 WDC 277/0 »The Duckburg Pet Parade«
X/2/439 WDC 270/1 The Jinxed Jalopy Race
X/2/449 WDC 271/1 A Stone's Throw from Ghost Town
X/2/459 WDC 272/1 Spare That Hair
X/2/469 WDC 273/1 A Duck's Eye View of Europe
X/2/479 WDC 274/1 Gall of the Wild
X/2/489 WDC 275/1 Zero Hero
X/2/499 WDC 276/1 Beach Boy
X/2/509 WDC 277/1 The Duckburg Pet Parade
X/3/519 WDC 282/0 »Bubbleweight Champ/The Amazing Madam Mim Meets the Beagle Boys«
X/3/520 WDC 278/0 »Have Gun, Will Dance«
X/3/520 WDC 279/0 »Once upon a Carnival«
X/3/520 WDC 280/0 »Double Masquerade«
X/3/520 WDC 281/0 »Feud and Far Between«
X/3/521 WDC 288/0 »Hero of the Dike«
X/3/522 WDC 283/0 »Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship«
X/3/523 WDC 278/1 Have Gun, Will Dance
X/3/533 WDC 279/1 Once upon a Carnival
X/3/543 WDC 280/1 Double Masquerade
X/3/553 WDC 281/1 Feud and Far Between
X/3/563 WDC 282/1 Bubbleweight Champ
X/3/573 WDC 283/1 Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship
X/3/583 WDC 286/1 The Olympian Torch Bearer
X/3/593 WDC 288/1 Hero of the Dike
X/3/603 WDC 292/0 »The Turkey and the Pilgrim Fathers«
X/3/604 WDC 289/0 »Unfriendly Enemies«
X/3/604 WDC 290/0 »A Football in the Soup«
X/3/604 WDC 291/0 »Matching Masquerade«
X/3/605 WDC 289/1 Unfriendly Enemies
X/3/615 WDC 291/1 Delivery Dilemma
X/3/625 WDC 292/1 Instant Hercules
X/3/635 WDC 294/1 Duck Out of Luck
X/3/645 WDC 295/0 »Timber Tycoon«
X/3/645 WDC 296/0 »Fish in the Hat«
X/3/645 WDC 297/0 »A Dachshund with Three Ropes«
X/3/645 WDC 298/0 »Riding the Vacuum Cleaner«
X/3/646 WDC 301/0 »Fished Fisher«
X/3/646 WDC 303/0 »How to Attract a Turkey«
X/3/646 WDC 304/0 »Jo-Jo Mix-Up«
X/3/646 WDC 306/0 »The Water-Pipe Bed«
X/3/647 WDC 307/0 »The Plane-Swatter«
X/3/647 WDC 309/0 »Skateboard A-Boo-Boo«
X/3/647 WDC 310/0 »Little Miss Muscle«
X/3/648 WDC 313/0 »Musical Helmets«
X/3/648 WDC 314/0 »A Rocket in the Cake«
X/3/648 WDC 315/0 »Hatrack Ghost«
X/3/649 WDC 297/1 Monkey Business
X/3/659 WDC 308/1 The Beauty Business
X/3/669 WDC 312/1 The Not-So-Ancient Mariner
X/3/679 UNP WDC 1957/1 Donald Duck [The Milkman]
X/3/689 UNP WDC 64/1 Donald Duck [Silent Night]
X/3/705 WDC 316/0 »Double Dalmatian«
X/3/705 WDC 319/0 »Investigating a Piggy Bank«
X/3/705 WDC 321/0 »Manhole Ahead«
X/3/705 WDC 322/0 »The Ponytail«
X/3/705 WDC 324/0 »Fire under the Umbrella«
X/3/705 WDC 326/0 »Crash Landing«
X/3/705 WDC 328/0 »To Ski or to Sled«
X/3/705 WDC 329/0 »Wet Encounter with a Snowman«
X/3/705 WDC 331/0 »The Moon Rocket«
X/3/706 WDC 332/0 »Cuckoo Hunters«
X/3/706 WDC 334/0 »The Fish in the Soap Bubble«
X/3/706 WDC 341/0 »Snowball-Throwing Snowman«
X/3/706 WDC 342/0 »Popcorn Dryer«
X/3/706 WDC 351/0 »Turkey Hideout«
X/3/721 WDC 350/0 »Seasick«

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