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Set IV
CBL Publ. Title
IV/1/17 US 21/0 »Piggy Banks«
IV/1/18 US 21/1 Uncle Scrooge [Windfall of the Mind]
IV/1/19 US 21/2 The Money Well
IV/1/45 US 21/3 Gyro Gearloose [Getting Thor]
IV/1/49 US 21/4 Uncle Scrooge [Dogged Determination]
IV/1/50 US 21/5 Uncle Scrooge [Forgotten Precaution]
IV/1/51 US 22/0 »Portable Cash Register«
IV/1/52 US 22/1 Uncle Scrooge [Going to Pieces]
IV/1/53 US 22/2 The Golden River
IV/1/80 US 22/4 Uncle Scrooge [High Rider]
IV/1/81 US 22/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Know-It-All Machine]
IV/1/85 US 23/0 »Money-Bill Airplanes«
IV/1/86 US 23/1 Uncle Scrooge [Moola on the Move]
IV/1/87 US 23/2 The Strange Shipwrecks
IV/1/108 US 23/5 Uncle Scrooge [All Choked Up]
IV/1/109 US 23/3 Gyro Gearloose [Gyro Goes for a Dip]
IV/1/113 US 23/4 The Fabulous Tycoon
IV/1/118 US 23/6 Uncle Scrooge [Lights Out!]
IV/1/119 US 24/0 »Santa with Safe«
IV/1/120 US 22/5 Uncle Scrooge [That Sinking Feeling]
IV/1/121 US 24/1 The Twenty-Four Carat Moon
IV/1/141 US 24/2 Gyro Gearloose [The House on Cyclone Hill]
IV/1/145 US 24/3 The Magic Ink
IV/1/152 US 25/1 Uncle Scrooge [Immovable Miser]
IV/1/153 US 25/0 »Dollar Signs on Eyeglasses«
IV/1/154 CBL 4/0 »The Flying Dutchman«
IV/1/155 US 25/2 The Flying Dutchman
IV/1/175 US 25/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Wishing Well]
IV/1/179 US 25/4 Uncle Scrooge [Pyramid Scheme]
IV/1/185 US 25/5 Uncle Scrooge [Bill Wind]
IV/1/185 US 25/6 Uncle Scrooge [News from Afar]
IV/1/186 US 25/7 Uncle Scrooge [Kitty-Go-Round]
IV/1/187 US 26/0 »Fishing for Coins«
IV/1/188 US 27/0 »Dollar Soap Bubbles«
IV/1/189 US 26/1 The Prize of Pizarro
IV/1/209 US 26/2 Krankenstein Gyro
IV/1/213 US 26/3 Uncle Scrooge [Pizen Bluff]
IV/1/223 US 27/1 The Money Champ
IV/1/245 US 27/2 The Firefly Tracker
IV/1/249 US 27/3 Uncle Scrooge and His Handy Andy
IV/2/253 US 28/0 »Eye Test with Coins«
IV/2/254 US 29/0 »Seesaw with Money Bag«
IV/2/255 US 28/1 The "Paul Bunyan" Machine
IV/2/276 US 27/4 Uncle Scrooge Crawls for Cash
IV/2/276 US 28/4 The Money Hat
IV/2/277 US 28/2 The Inventors' Contest
IV/2/281 US 28/3 The Witching Stick
IV/2/286 US 32/5 A Thrift Gift
IV/2/287 US 29/1 Island in the Sky
IV/2/305 US 29/2 Oodles of Oomph
IV/2/309 US 29/3 Hound of the Whiskervilles
IV/2/317 US 32/6 Turnabout
IV/2/318 US 33/1 Tree Trick
IV/2/319 US 30/0 »Money-Bill Fan«
IV/2/320 US 31/0 »Keep off the Grass«
IV/2/321 US 30/1 Pipeline to Danger
IV/2/338 US 33/5 The Big Bobber
IV/2/339 US 30/2 War Paint
IV/2/343 US 30/3 Yoicks! The Fox!
IV/2/352 US 33/6 Thumbs Up
IV/2/353 US 31/1 All at Sea
IV/2/370 US 31/4 The Secret Book
IV/2/371 US 31/2 Fishy Warden
IV/2/375 US 31/3 Two-Way Luck
IV/2/384 US 31/5 The Balmy Swami
IV/2/385 US 32/0 »Hitch-Hiker Scrooge«
IV/2/386 TTT 2465/0 »The Lemonade King«
IV/2/387 US 32/1 That's No Fable!
IV/2/405 US 32/2 That Small Feeling
IV/2/409 US 32/3 Clothes Make the Duck
IV/2/416 US 32/4 The Homey Touch
IV/2/419 TTT 2465/2 The Lemonade King
IV/2/425 UNP TTT 2465/1 »The Lemonade Mixer«
IV/2/426 TTT 2465/1 »Cascading Lemonade«
IV/2/426 AC TTT 2465/1 »The Lemonade King«
IV/2/427 US 33/0 »Night Deposit«
IV/2/428 US 34/0 »Money-Bag Dumbbells«
IV/2/429 US 33/2 Billions in the Hole
IV/2/445 US 33/3 You Can't Win
IV/2/449 US 33/4 Bongo on the Congo
IV/2/465 US 34/1 Mythtic Mystery
IV/2/479 US 34/2 Wily Rival
IV/2/483 US 34/3 Chugwagon Derby
IV/3/493 US 35/0 »Money-Bill Lei«
IV/3/494 US 36/0 »Money-Bill Blanket«
IV/3/495 US 35/1 The Golden Nugget Boat
IV/3/514 US 39/1 Getting the Bird
IV/3/515 US 35/2 Fast Away Castaway
IV/3/519 US 35/3 Gift Lion
IV/3/523 US 36/1 The Midas Touch
IV/3/540 US 39/6 Nest Egg Collector
IV/3/541 US 36/2 Duckburg's Day of Peril
IV/3/545 US 36/3 Money Bag Goat
IV/3/551 US 37/0 »Mending Money Bags«
IV/3/552 WDC 262/2 Rags to Riches
IV/3/553 US 37/2 Cave of Ali Baba
IV/3/569 US 37/3 The Great Pop Up
IV/3/573 US 37/4 Deep Down Doings
IV/3/582 US 37/1 The Windy Story
IV/3/583 US 38/2 The Unsafe Safe
IV/3/602 US 38/1 Monkey Business
IV/3/603 US 38/3 Madcap Inventors
IV/3/607 US 38/4 Much Luck McDuck
IV/3/614 US 38/5 Collection Day
IV/3/614 US 39/5 Art Appreciation
IV/3/615 US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing
IV/3/616 US 38/7 Playmates
IV/3/617 US 39/0 »Smokewriting Dollar Signs«
IV/3/618 US 40/0 »Santa with Money Bag«
IV/3/619 US 39/2 A Spicy Tale
IV/3/637 US 39/3 Finny Fun
IV/3/641 US 39/4 Tricky Experiment
IV/3/656 WDC 297/2 Million-Dollar Shower
IV/3/657 US 40/1 Oddball Odyssey
IV/3/677 US 40/2 Posthasty Postman
IV/3/681 US 42/1 Uncle Scrooge [Dueling Tycoons]
IV/3/682 US 42/3 Uncle Scrooge [Wishful Excess]
IV/3/683 US 43/0 »Banker's Salad«
IV/3/685 US 41/1 The Status Seeker
IV/3/705 US 41/2 Snow Duster
IV/3/709 US 42/2 The Case of the Sticky Money
IV/3/729 US 43/1 For Old Dime's Sake
IV/3/747 US 42/4 Uncle Scrooge [Sidewalk of the Mind]

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