CBL reference
Set I
CBL Publ. Title
I/1/19 FC 9/1 Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold
I/1/132 D 6886/1 Hang Gliders Be Hanged
I/1/161 FC 29/1 The Mummy's Ring
I/1/189 FC 29/2 The Hard Loser
I/1/199 FC 29/3 Too Many Pets
I/1/225 CBL 1/0 »The Mummy's Ring«
I/2/271 FC 62/1 Frozen Gold
I/2/295 FC 62/2 Mystery of the Swamp
I/2/321 FC 108/1 The Terror of the River
I/2/349 FC 108/2 The Firebug
I/2/363 FC 108/3 Seals Are So Smart
I/2/386 FC 147/1 Donald Duck [If the Hat Fits]
I/2/387 FC 147/2 Volcano Valley
I/2/421 FC 159/1 The Ghost of the Grotto
I/2/447 FC 159/2 Adventure "Down Under"
I/3/479 FC 178/2 Christmas on Bear Mountain
I/3/499 FC 178/1 Donald Duck [Fashion in Flight]
I/3/500 FC 178/3 Donald Duck [Turn for the Worse]
I/3/501 FC 178/4 Donald Duck [Machine Mix-Up]
I/3/510 CI 4 »Wide Load«
I/3/511 FC 189/0 »The Old Castle's Secret«
I/3/512 FC 189/1 Donald Duck [Bird Watching]
I/3/513 FC 189/2 The Old Castle's Secret
I/3/545 FC 199/0 »Sheriff of Bullet Valley«
I/3/546 FC 199/1 Donald Duck [Sorry to Be Safe]
I/3/547 FC 199/2 Sheriff of Bullet Valley
I/3/579 FC 199/3 Donald Duck [Best Laid Plans]
I/3/580 FC 199/4 Donald Duck [The Genuine Article]
I/3/581 FC 203/0 »The Golden Christmas Tree«
I/3/583 FC 203/2 The Golden Christmas Tree
I/3/603 FC 203/1 Donald Duck [Jumping to Conclusions]
I/3/604 FC 203/3 Donald Duck [The True Test]
I/3/605 FC 203/4 Donald Duck [Ornaments on the Way]
I/3/609 CI 5 »Gold-Brick Bedwarmer«
I/3/614 FC 189/3 Donald Duck [Horseshoe Luck]
I/3/615 FC 223/0 »Lost in the Andes«
I/3/617 FC 223/2 Lost in the Andes
I/3/649 FC 223/1 Donald Duck [Too Fit to Fit]
I/3/650 FC 223/3 Donald Duck [Tunnel Vision]
I/3/651 FC 223/4 Donald Duck [Sleepy Sitters]
I/3/663 FC 189/4 Donald Duck [Bean Taken]

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