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Set VI
CBL Publ. Title
VI/1/3 CI 17 »Maharajah Donald«
VI/1/4 CI 9 »Gopher Fur«
VI/1/19 MOC 4/1 Maharajah Donald
VI/1/47 MOC 4/2 The Peaceful Hills
VI/1/53 MOC 20/1 In Darkest Africa
VI/1/75 MOC 41/1 Race to the South Seas
VI/1/103 FCG 1945/1 Donald Duck's Best Christmas
VI/1/111 FCG 1946/1 Santa's Stormy Visit
VI/1/119 FCG 1947/1 Three Good Little Ducks
VI/1/127 FCG 1948/1 Toyland
VI/1/135 FCG 1949/1 New Toys
VI/1/143 CPG Y 1/1 Donald Duck's Atom Bomb
VI/1/151 KG 1/1 Donald Duck Tells about Kites
VI/1/161 FC 79/1 The Riddle of the Red Hat
VI/1/175 HDL 6/1 Peril of the Black Forest
VI/1/178 HDL 6/2 Life Savers
VI/1/180 HDL 7/1 Whale of a Good Deed
VI/1/184 HDL 8/1 Let Sleeping Bones Lie
VI/1/188 HDL 8/2 Bad Day for Troop "A"
VI/1/190 HDL 9/1 Looter of the Lake
VI/1/194 HDL 10/1 Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!)
VI/1/197 HDL 10/2 Bottled Battlers
VI/1/200 HDL 11/1 Traitor in the Ranks
VI/1/204 HDL 11/2 Eagle Savers
VI/1/207 HDL 12/1 Hound of the Moaning Hills
VI/1/210 HDL 12/2 Storm Dancers
VI/1/213 HDL 13/1 The Day the Mountain Shook
VI/1/217 HDL 13/2 Gold of the '49ers
VI/1/220 HDL 14/1 Duckmade Disaster
VI/1/225 HDL 15/1 Wailing Whalers
VI/1/230 HDL 16/1 Where There's Smoke
VI/1/234 HDL 17/1 Be Leery of Lake Eerie
VI/1/239 HDL 19/1 Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon
VI/1/244 HDL 20/1 New Zoo Brews Ado
VI/1/248 HDL 21/1 Music Hath Charms
VI/1/253 HDL 22/1 The Phantom Joker
VI/1/257 HDL 23/1 Hark, Hark, the Ark
VI/1/261 HDL 25/1 Captains Outrageous
VI/2/265 FC 1047/0 Feets Don't Fail Me Now
VI/2/266 FC 1047/1 Gyro's Workshop
VI/2/267 FC 1047/2 The Gab-Muffer
VI/2/277 FC 1047/3 The Stubborn Stork
VI/2/285 FC 1047/4 Milktime Melodies
VI/2/292 FC 1047/5 The Lost Rabbit Foot
VI/2/299 FC 1095/0 Say Cheese
VI/2/300 FC 1095/1 The Call of the Wild
VI/2/301 FC 1095/2 Cave of the Winds
VI/2/311 FC 1095/3 Mixed-Up Mixer
VI/2/318 FC 1095/4 The Madball Pitcher
VI/2/326 FC 1095/5 The Bear Tamer
VI/2/333 FC 1184/0 Fly-Free Fishing
VI/2/334 UNP FC 1961/0 Power Seating
VI/2/335 FC 1184/2 Monsterville
VI/2/345 FC 1184/3 The Cube
VI/2/350 FC 1184/1 The Nose Knows
VI/2/351 FC 1184/4 Mighty but Miserable
VI/2/358 FC 1184/6 The Old Timer
VI/2/359 FC 1184/5 Brain-Strain
VI/2/366 FC 1184/7 Mechanized Mess
VI/2/367 FC 1267/0 Gyro Makes His Mark
VI/2/368 FC 1329/0 Putting His Back into It
VI/2/369 FC 1267/1 Buffaloed by Buffaloes
VI/2/373 FC 1047/6 The Bird Camera
VI/2/374 FC 1047/7 The Odd Order
VI/2/376 UNP FC 1959/1 The Pied Piper of Duckburg
VI/2/383 FC 1095/6 Tale of the Tape
VI/2/384 FC 1095/7 His Shining Hour
VI/2/387 FC 1055/2 The Librarian
VI/2/393 FC 1055/3 The Double Date
VI/2/398 FC 1055/1 Daisy's Dazed Days
VI/2/399 FC 1055/4 The TV Babysitter
VI/2/405 FC 1055/5 Donald's Party
VI/2/412 FC 1055/8 The Framed Mirror
VI/2/413 FC 1055/6 The Beauty Queen
VI/2/420 FC 1055/7 Tight Shoes
VI/2/421 FC 1150/2 A Sticky Situation
VI/2/429 FC 1150/3 Ring Leader Roundup
VI/2/435 FC 1150/4 Too Much Help
VI/2/439 FC 1150/1 Small Fryers
VI/2/440 FC 1150/8 Friendly Enemy
VI/2/441 FC 1150/5 Ruling the Roost
VI/2/449 FC 1150/9 Undercover Girl
VI/2/450 FC 1150/10 The Inventive Gentleman
VI/2/451 FC 1150/6 Daringly Different
VI/2/455 FC 1150/7 False Flattery
VI/2/456 FC 1055/9 The New Girl
VI/2/457 WDCD 5/1 The Dainty Daredevil
VI/2/459 FC 1073/0 »The Chick in the Breakfast Egg«
VI/2/461 FC 1010/1 The Flying Farm Hand
VI/2/469 FC 1010/2 A Honey of a Hen
VI/2/477 FC 1010/3 The Weather Watchers
VI/2/485 FC 1010/4 The Sheepish Cowboys
VI/2/492 FC 1073/1 Mopping Up
VI/2/493 FC 1073/2 Touché Toupee
VI/2/499 FC 1073/3 The Snow Chaser
VI/2/505 FC 1073/4 Free Ski Spree
VI/2/511 FC 1161/1 The Whole Herd of Help
VI/2/519 FC 1161/2 The Day the Farm Stood Still
VI/2/525 FC 1161/3 The Training Farm Fuss
VI/2/532 FC 1161/4 The Reversed Rescue
VI/2/539 WDC 132/2 Grandma Duck [Welcome Guests]
VI/3/551 VP 1/1 Vacation Time
VI/3/585 VP 1/2 Camp Counselor
VI/3/593 VP 1/3 Donald's Grandma Duck
VI/3/607 SF 2/1 Fun? What's That?
VI/3/617 SF 2/2 Jungle Hi-Jinks
VI/3/632 DG 39/0 »Christmas Stockings«
VI/3/633 CP 1/1 Letter to Santa
VI/3/658 CP 1/2 Donald Duck [No Noise Is Good Noise]
VI/3/659 CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!
VI/3/685 CP 8/1 Grandma's Present
VI/3/693 CP 9/1 Christmas in Duckburg
VI/3/713 DG 26/1 The Christmas Cha Cha
VI/3/730 DG 38/0 »Easy Reading«
VI/3/731 CID 1/1 Donald Duck [The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama]
VI/3/749 DBP 1/1 Uncle Scrooge and Gyro [The Forbidium Money Bin]
VI/3/769 USGTD 1/1 The Fantastic River Race
VI/3/789 FC 1025/1 Mastering the Matterhorn
VI/3/797 FC 1025/2 Trail Tycoon
VI/3/803 FC 1025/3 On the Dream Planet
VI/3/809 MMA 1/1 August Accident
VI/3/813 MMA 1/2 September Scrimmage
VI/3/817 VP 8/1 Picnic
VI/3/823 FC 353/0 »Five Photos«
VI/3/823 FC 450/0 »Family Portrait«
VI/3/823 FC 1099/0 »Family Photo with Facade«
VI/3/823 FC 1140/0 »Family Photo with Slingshot«
VI/3/824 DDA 1/0 »Family Photo with Flash«
VI/3/824 FC 1239/0 »Family Portrait with Bear Rug«

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