CBL reference
CBL Publ. Title
VIII/1/17 WDC 95/0 »St. Bernard on the Beach«
VIII/1/18 WDC 96/0 »Too Much Soap«
VIII/1/19 WDC 95/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone Returns]
VIII/1/29 WDC 96/1 Donald Duck [Links Hijinks]
VIII/1/39 WDC 97/1 Donald Duck [Pearls of Wisdom]
VIII/1/53 WDC 98/1 Donald Duck [Foxy Relations]
VIII/1/63 WDC 99/1 Donald Duck [The Crazy Quiz Show]
VIII/1/73 WDC 100/1 Donald Duck [Truant Officer Donald]
VIII/1/83 CI 7 »Kids as Matadors«
VIII/1/87 WDC 101/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare]
VIII/1/97 WDC 102/1 Donald Duck [Pizen Spring Dude Ranch]
VIII/1/107 WDC 103/1 Donald Duck [Rival Beachcombers]
VIII/1/119 WDC 104/0 »Truant Officer«
VIII/1/121 WDC 104/1 Donald Duck [The Sunken Yacht]
VIII/1/131 WDC 105/1 Donald Duck [Managing the Echo System]
VIII/1/141 WDC 106/1 Donald Duck [Plenty of Pets]
VIII/1/153 WDC 108/0 »Sailboat«
VIII/1/154 WDC 109/0 »Hit by the News«
VIII/1/155 WDC 107/1 Donald Duck [Super Snooper]
VIII/1/165 WDC 108/1 Donald Duck [The Great Duckburg Frog Jumping Contest]
VIII/1/175 WDC 109/1 Donald Duck [Dowsing Ducks]
VIII/1/189 WDC 110/1 Donald Duck [The Goldilocks Gambit]
VIII/1/199 WDC 111/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Love Letters]
VIII/1/209 WDC 112/1 Donald Duck [Rip van Donald]
VIII/1/223 WDC 114/1 Donald Duck [Mission to Codfish Cove]
VIII/1/233 WDC 117/1 Donald Duck [Wild about Flowers]
VIII/1/243 WDC 124/1 Donald Duck [Billions to Sneeze at]
VIII/1/255 UNP WDC 110/0 »Curlers on Dog«
VIII/2/259 WDC 125/1 Donald Duck [Operation St. Bernard]
VIII/2/269 WDC 126/1 Donald Duck [A Financial Fable]
VIII/2/279 WDC 127/1 Donald Duck [April Foolers]
VIII/2/291 WDC 130/0 »Slow Boat to Duckburg«
VIII/2/293 WDC 128/1 Donald Duck [Knightly Rivals]
VIII/2/303 WDC 129/1 Donald Duck [Pool Sharks]
VIII/2/313 WDC 130/1 Donald Duck [The Trouble with Dimes]
VIII/2/325 WDC 131/0 »Fireworks Rocket«
VIII/2/326 WDC 132/0 »Wet Flower«
VIII/2/326 WDC 133/0 »Candy and Nails«
VIII/2/327 WDC 131/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Luck]
VIII/2/337 WDC 132/1 Donald Duck [Ten Star Generals]
VIII/2/347 WDC 133/1 Donald Duck [The Truant Nephews]
VIII/2/359 WDC 135/0 »Pilgrim Father with Turkeys«
VIII/2/360 WDC 134/0 »Halloween Pumpkin Cake«
VIII/2/360 WDC 136/0 »Punch Pistols«
VIII/2/361 WDC 134/1 Donald Duck [Terror of the Beagle Boys]
VIII/2/371 WDC 135/1 Donald Duck [The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill]
VIII/2/381 WDC 136/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year]
VIII/2/393 WDC 137/0 »Claiming the Blanket«
VIII/2/394 WDC 138/0 »Snow-Covered Sidewalk«
VIII/2/394 WDC 139/0 »Apple Sauce for the Teacher«
VIII/2/395 WDC 137/1 Donald Duck [The Screaming Cowboy]
VIII/2/405 WDC 138/1 Donald Duck [Statuesque Spendthrifts]
VIII/2/415 WDC 139/1 Donald Duck [Rocket Wing Saves the Day]
VIII/2/427 WDC 140/0 »Flubbity Dubbity Duffer«
VIII/2/428 WDC 141/0 »Wet Accordion«
VIII/2/428 WDC 142/0 »Feeding Pigeons«
VIII/2/429 WDC 140/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Terrible Secret]
VIII/2/439 WDC 141/1 Donald Duck [The Think Box Bollix]
VIII/2/449 WDC 142/1 Donald Duck [Houseboat Holiday]
VIII/2/461 WDC 144/0 »Stuck in Pole-Vaulting«
VIII/2/462 WDC 143/0 »Fake Shark Fin«
VIII/2/462 WDC 145/0 »Jumping the Sausages«
VIII/2/463 WDC 143/1 Donald Duck [Gemstone Hunters]
VIII/2/473 WDC 144/1 Donald Duck [Spending Money]
VIII/2/483 WDC 145/1 Donald Duck [The Hypno Gun]
VIII/3/497 WDC 148/0 »Christmas Carolers«
VIII/3/498 WDC 146/0 »Nephews in Towel«
VIII/3/498 WDC 147/0 »Ladder to Cookie Jar«
VIII/3/499 WDC 146/1 Donald Duck [Omelet]
VIII/3/509 WDC 147/1 Donald Duck [A Charitable Chore]
VIII/3/519 WDC 148/1 Donald Duck [Turkey with All the Schemings]
VIII/3/530 CI 10 »Desert Bank«
VIII/3/531 WDC 149/0 »Skiing and First Aid«
VIII/3/532 WDC 150/0 »Three under a Dunce Cap«
VIII/3/532 WDC 151/0 »Donald, the Traffic Light«
VIII/3/533 WDC 149/1 Donald Duck [Flip Decision]
VIII/3/543 WDC 150/1 Donald Duck [My Lucky Valentine]
VIII/3/553 WDC 151/1 Donald Duck [The Easter Election]
VIII/3/565 WDC 152/0 »Easter Golf Balls«
VIII/3/566 WDC 153/0 »Don't Touch the Cake«
VIII/3/566 WDC 154/0 »Tuba Lemonade«
VIII/3/567 WDC 152/1 Donald Duck [The Talking Dog]
VIII/3/577 WDC 153/1 Donald Duck [Worm Weary]
VIII/3/587 WDC 154/1 Donald Duck [Much Ado about Quackly Hall]
VIII/3/599 WDC 155/0 »Rude Awakening«
VIII/3/600 WDC 156/0 »Dirty Towel«
VIII/3/600 WDC 157/0 »Hidden Fishing«
VIII/3/601 WDC 155/1 Donald Duck [Some Heir over the Rainbow]
VIII/3/611 WDC 156/1 Donald Duck [The Master Rainmaker]
VIII/3/621 WDC 157/1 Donald Duck [The Money Stairs]
VIII/3/633 WDC 159/0 »Photo with Candy Canes«
VIII/3/634 WDC 158/0 »Worm in Apple«
VIII/3/634 WDC 160/0 »Boats in Footbath«
VIII/3/635 WDC 158/1 Donald Duck [Bee Bumbles]
VIII/3/645 WDC 159/1 Donald Duck [Wispy Willie]
VIII/3/655 WDC 160/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck and the Hammy Camel]
VIII/3/667 WDC 161/0 »Stamp Collection Gone with the Wind«
VIII/3/668 WDC 162/0 »Picket Duel«
VIII/3/668 WDC 163/0 »Musical Baseball«
VIII/3/669 WDC 161/1 Donald Duck [Fix-Up Mix-Up]
VIII/3/679 WDC 162/1 Donald Duck [Turkey Trot at One Whistle]
VIII/3/689 WDC 163/1 Donald Duck [Raffle Reversal]
VIII/3/701 WDC 164/0 »Compleat Golfer«
VIII/3/702 WDC 165/0 »Saw, Axe, and Drill«
VIII/3/702 WDC 166/0 »Dog under Blanket«
VIII/3/703 WDC 164/1 Donald Duck [Flour Follies]
VIII/3/713 WDC 165/1 Donald Duck [The Price of Fame]
VIII/3/723 WDC 166/1 Donald Duck [Midgets Madness]
VIII/3/735 CBL 8/0 »Family Photo with Coin«

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