Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
The Gab-Muffer FC 1047/2
Gall of the Wild WDC 274/1
Gemstone Hunters WDC 143/1
The Genuine Article FC 199/4
Getting the Bird US 39/1
Getting Thor US 21/3
The Ghost of the Grotto FC 159/1
The Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp WDC 176/1
The Giant Robot Robbers US 58/1
Gift Lion US 35/3
The Gilded Man FC 422/2
Gladstone Returns WDC 95/1
Gladstone's Luck WDC 131/1
Gladstone's Terrible Secret WDC 140/1
Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year WDC 136/1
Go Slowly, Sands of Time D 6856/1
Go Slowly, Sands of Time USHLT 1/1
Going Ape WDC 91/1
Going Buggy WDC 77/1
Going to Pieces US 22/1
The Gold Finder WDC 73/1
Gold of the '49ers HDL 13/2
Gold Ruse US 14/5
The Golden Christmas Tree FC 203/2
The Golden Fleecing US 12/2
The Golden Helmet FC 408/2
The Golden Nugget Boat US 35/1
The Golden River US 22/2
The Goldilocks Gambit WDC 110/1
Good Canoes and Bad Canoes WDC 179/1
The Good Deeds WDC 229/1
Good Deeds WDC 34/1
Good Neighbors WDC 38/1
Gopher Goof-Ups WDC 189/1
Grandma Duck [Welcome Guests] WDC 132/2
Grandma's Present CP 8/1
The Great Duckburg Frog Jumping Contest WDC 108/1
The Great Pop Up US 37/3
The Great Ski Race WDC 62/1
The Great Steamboat Race US 11/1
The Great Wig Mystery US 52/1
Gyro Builds a Better House US 19/3
Gyro Gearloose [The Cat Box] US 15/3
Gyro Gearloose [Fishing Mystery] US 17/3
Gyro Gearloose [Forecasting Follies] US 16/3
Gyro Gearloose [Getting Thor] US 21/3
Gyro Gearloose [Gyro Builds a Better House] US 19/3
Gyro Gearloose [Gyro Goes for a Dip] US 23/3
Gyro Gearloose [The House on Cyclone Hill] US 24/2
Gyro Gearloose [Inventor of Anything] US 14/3
Gyro Gearloose [The Know-It-All Machine] US 22/3
Gyro Gearloose [Roscoe the Robot] US 20/2
Gyro Gearloose [The Sure-Fire Gold Finder] US 18/3
Gyro Gearloose [Trapped Lightning] US 13/3
Gyro Gearloose [The Wishing Well] US 25/3
Gyro Goes for a Dip US 23/3
Gyro Makes His Mark FC 1267/0
Gyro's Workshop FC 1047/1

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