Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
The Call of the Wild FC 1095/1
Camera Crazy WDC 46/1
Camp Counselor VP 1/2
A Campaign of Note US 8/3
Camping Confusion WDC 191/1
The Candy Kid WDC 263/1
The Cantankerous Cat WDC 76/1
Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship WDC 283/1
Captains Outrageous HDL 25/1
The Case of the Sticky Money US 42/2
Cash on the Brain US 8/1
Cast of Thousands US 9/5
The Cat Box US 15/3
The Cattle King US 69/1
Cave of Ali Baba US 37/2
Cave of the Winds FC 1095/2
A Charitable Chore WDC 147/1
The Cheapest Weigh US 4/3
Cheltenham's Choice WDC 168/1
The Chickadee Challenge WDC 181/1
China Shop Shakeup US 17/5
The Christmas Cha Cha DG 26/1
Christmas Cheers WDC 268/1
A Christmas for Shacktown FC 367/2
Christmas in Duckburg CP 9/1
Christmas Kiss FC 367/3
Christmas on Bear Mountain FC 178/2
Chugwagon Derby US 34/3
City of Golden Roofs US 20/1
Classy Taxi US 8/4
Clothes Make the Duck US 32/3
The Code of Duckburg WDC 208/1
Coffee for Two FC 386/3
A Cold Bargain US 17/2
Collection Day US 38/5
The "Colossalest Surprise" Quiz Show US 16/4
Come as You Are US 11/3
The Compleat Anglers OG 26/1
Cool, Clear Water OG 17/1
Cougar, Cougar Shining Bright OG 16/1
Courtside Heating DD 45/1
Cousin Kodiak OG 22/1
Crafty Corner FC 422/4
The Crazy Quiz Show WDC 99/1
Crown of the Mayas US 44/1
The Cube FC 1184/3
The Custard Gun WDC 183/1

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