Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
The Rabbit's Foot WDC 32/1
Race to the South Seas MOC 41/1
Raffle Reversal WDC 163/1
Rags to Riches WDC 262/2
Rainbow's End DD 71/1
Raven Mad WDC 265/1
Red Apple Sap WDC 205/1
Relative Reaction US 18/4
Remember This DD 45/3
Rescue Enhancement US 20/3
The Reversed Rescue FC 1161/4
Riches, Riches, Everywhere! US 11/2
Riches, Riches in the Wall OG 35/1
The Riddle of the Red Hat FC 79/1
Riding the Pony Express WDC 234/1
Rigged-Up Roller FC 408/3
Ring Leader Roundup FC 1150/3
Rip van Donald WDC 112/1
Rival Beachcombers WDC 103/1
Rival Boatmen WDC 45/1
Rocket Race to the Moon WDC 93/1
Rocket Wing Saves the Day WDC 139/1
Rocks to Riches WDC 241/1
Roscoe the Robot US 20/2
The Round Money Bin FC 495/3
Roundabout Handout US 11/4
Rug Riders in the Sky US 50/1
Ruling the Roost FC 1150/5
The Runaway Train WDC 195/1

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