Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
Land beneath the Ground US 13/2
Land of the Pygmy Indians US 18/2
Land of the Totem Poles FC 263/2
Laundry for Less US 58/2
The Lemming with the Locket US 9/2
The Lemonade Fling US 46/3
The Lemonade King TTT 2465/2
Let Sleeping Bones Lie HDL 8/1
Letter to Santa CP 1/1
The Librarian FC 1055/2
Life Savers HDL 6/2
Lifeguard Daze WDC 33/1
Lights Out! US 23/6
The Limber W Guest Ranch WDC 35/1
Links Hijinks WDC 96/1
The Littlest Chicken Thief WDC 219/1
The Lock Out US 57/3
Log Jockey WDC 267/1
Long Distance Collision US 58/3
The Long Race to Pumpkinburg WDC 54/1
The Loony Lunar Gold Rush US 49/1
Looter of the Lake HDL 9/1
Losing Face WDC 204/1
Lost beneath the Sea US 46/1
The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan US 14/2
Lost Frontier WDC 246/1
Lost in the Andes FC 223/2
The Lost Peg Leg Mine DD 52/1
The Lost Rabbit Foot FC 1047/5
Luck of the North FC 256/2
Luncheon Lament US 14/1

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