Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
The "Paul Bunyan" Machine US 28/1
Pawns of the Loup Garou DD 117/1
The Peaceful Hills MOC 4/2
Pearls of Wisdom WDC 97/1
Pecking Order WDC 57/1
Peril of the Black Forest HDL 6/1
The Persistent Postman WDC 209/1
The Phantom Joker HDL 22/1
The Phantom of Notre Duck US 60/1
Picnic VP 8/1
Picnic Tricks WDC 79/1
The Pied Piper of Duckburg UNP FC 1959/1
Pigeonholed Millions US 7/3
Pipeline to Danger US 30/1
The Pixilated Parrot FC 282/1
Pizen Bluff US 26/3
Pizen Spring Dude Ranch WDC 102/1
The Playful Mountain Goat OG 9/2
Playing Hookey WDC 72/1
Playmates US 38/7
Plenty of Pets WDC 106/1
Plummeting with Precision US 57/4
Pluto Saves the Ship LFC 7/1
Pool Sharks WDC 129/1
Poor Loser DD 79/1
Porky of the Mounties FC 48/1
Posthasty Postman US 40/2
Pound for Sound US 15/5
Power Plowing DD 45/4
Power Seating UNP FC 1961/0
A Prank Above DD 26/1
The Price of Fame WDC 165/1
The Prize of Pizarro US 26/1
Projecting Desires FC 367/4
The Purloined Putty WDC 48/1
Putting His Back into It FC 1329/0
Pyramid Scheme US 25/4

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