Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
Machine Mix-Up FC 178/4
The Mad Chemist WDC 44/1
The Madball Pitcher FC 1095/4
Madcap Inventors US 38/3
The Madcap Mariner WDC 247/1
The Magic Hourglass FC 291/1
The Magic Ink US 24/3
Magical Misery WDC 82/1
Maharajah Donald MOC 4/1
Man versus Machine US 47/2
Managing the Echo System WDC 105/1
The Many Faces of Magica de Spell US 48/1
Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!) HDL 10/1
The Master WDC 192/1
The Master Glasser DD 68/1
The Master Ice-Fisher WDC 66/1
The Master Mover WDC 222/1
The Master of Archery OG 25/1
The Master Rainmaker WDC 156/1
Master Wrecker WDC 264/1
Mastering the Matterhorn FC 1025/1
Matinee Madness FC 263/4
A Matter of Factory WDC 269/1
McDuck of Arabia US 55/1
McDuck Takes a Dive US 5/3
Mechanized Mess FC 1184/7
Medaling Around WDC 261/1
The Menehune Mystery US 4/2
Mental Fee US 6/5
Merry Ferry WDC 260/1
The Merry Moose Hunters OG 12/1
Micro-Ducks from Outer Space US 65/1
The Midas Touch US 36/1
Midgets Madness WDC 166/1
Mighty but Miserable FC 1184/4
The Mighty Trapper WDC 36/1
Migrating Millions US 15/4
The Milkman UNP WDC 1957/1
Milktime Melodies FC 1047/4
Million-Dollar Shower WDC 297/2
The Mines of King Solomon US 19/2
Missile Fizzle WDC 244/1
Mission to Codfish Cove WDC 114/1
Mixed-Up Mixer FC 1095/3
Mocking Bird Ridge WDC 215/1
Modern Art, and All That OG 28/1
Money Bag Goat US 36/3
The Money Champ US 27/1
The Money Hat US 28/4
The Money Stairs WDC 157/1
The Money Well US 21/2
Monkey Business US 38/1
Monkey Business WDC 297/1
Monsterville FC 1184/2
Moola on the Move US 23/1
Mopping Up FC 1073/1
Mother Is a Wolf's Best Friend OG 11/2
Mother Nature's Children OG 24/1
Movie Mad WDC 257/1
Mr. Private Eye WDC 252/1
Much Ado about Quackly Hall WDC 154/1
Much Luck McDuck US 38/4
The Mummy's Ring FC 29/1
Mush US 13/5
Music Hath Charms HDL 21/1
My Lucky Valentine WDC 150/1
The Mysterious Stone Ray US 8/2
Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad US 56/2
Mystery of the Loch WDC 237/1
Mystery of the Swamp FC 62/2
Mythtic Mystery US 34/1

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