Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
Sagmore Springs Hotel WDC 206/1
Salesman Donald WDC 39/1
Salmon Derby WDC 167/1
Santa's Stormy Visit FCG 1946/1
Saved by the Bag! US 54/2
Say Cheese FC 1095/0
The Screaming Cowboy WDC 137/1
Seals Are So Smart FC 108/3
Search for the Cuspidoria WDC 172/1
Searching for a Successor WDC 187/1
The Second-Richest Duck US 15/2
The Secret Book US 31/4
The Secret of Atlantis US 5/2
Secret of Hondorica DD 46/1
Secret Resolutions WDC 185/1
Seeing Is Believing US 38/6
September Scrimmage MMA 1/2
Serenade for a Señorita OG 18/1
The Seven Cities of Cibola US 7/2
The Sheepish Cowboys FC 1010/4
Sheriff of Bullet Valley FC 199/2
Sidewalk of the Mind US 42/4
Silent Night UNP WDC 64/1
Sitting High WDC 245/1
Ski Lift Letdown US 9/4
The Sleepies DD 81/1
Sleepy Sitters FC 223/4
Slippery Shine FC 238/1
Slippery Sipper US 5/4
Small Fryers FC 1150/1
Smash Success US 10/4
Smoke Writer in the Sky WDC 194/1
The Smugsnorkle Squatty WDC 70/1
Snake Take US 57/5
Snap, Goes the Turtle OG 19/1
The Snow Chaser FC 1073/3
Snow Duster US 41/2
Snow Fun WDC 40/1
So Far and No Safari US 61/2
Some Heir over the Rainbow WDC 155/1
Somethin' Fishy Here FC 456/3
Somewhere in Nowhere I 2000/1
Somewhere under the Rainbow OG 29/1
Sorry to Be Safe FC 199/1
The Sound of His Horn OG 11/1
The Sounds of Silence OG 23/1
Soupline Eight FC 386/4
Spare That Hair WDC 272/1
Special Delivery WDC 203/1
Spending Money WDC 144/1
A Spicy Tale US 39/2
Spoil the Rod WDC 92/1
Stable Prices FC 422/1
Stalwart Ranger WDC 266/1
Statues of Limitations WDC 196/1
Statuesque Spendthrifts WDC 138/1
The Status Seeker US 41/1
A Sticky Situation FC 1150/2
A Stone's Throw from Ghost Town WDC 271/1
Storm Dancers HDL 12/2
The Strange Shipwrecks US 23/2
Stranger than Fiction WDC 249/1
The Stubborn Stork FC 1047/3
The Sunken Yacht WDC 104/1
Super Snooper WDC 107/1
The Sure-Fire Gold Finder US 18/3
The Swamp of No Return US 57/2
A Sweat Deal US 12/4
Swimming Swindlers WDC 71/1

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