Alphabetical index
Title Publ.
The Half-Baked Baker WDC 210/1
Hall of the Mermaid Queen US 68/1
Hang Gliders Be Hanged D 6886/1
Happy Hound [A Hard Day's Day Off] OG 9/1
Happy Hound [Mother Is a Wolf's Best Friend] OG 11/2
A Hard Day's Day Off OG 9/1
The Hard Loser FC 29/2
Hark, Hark, the Ark HDL 23/1
Have Gun, Will Dance WDC 278/1
The Heedless Horseman US 66/1
Height of Finance FC 456/4
Heirloom Watch US 10/3
A Helper's Helping Hand US 46/2
Hero of the Dike WDC 288/1
High Rider US 22/4
High Wire Daredevils WDC 49/1
His Shining Hour FC 1095/7
History Tossed US 19/1
Hobblin' Goblins DD 26/3
A Hole in None OG 30/1
Home, Sweet Home No More OG 34/1
The Homey Touch US 32/4
A Honey of a Hen FC 1010/2
The Horse-Radish Story FC 495/2
Horseshoe Luck FC 189/3
Horsing Around with History D 94003/1
Hospitality Week US 5/1
Hound Hounder WDC 253/1
Hound of the Moaning Hills HDL 12/1
Hound of the Whiskervilles US 29/3
House of Haunts US 63/1
The House on Cyclone Hill US 24/2
Houseboat Holiday WDC 142/1
How Green Was My Lettuce US 51/1
How to Be a Matador OG 15/1
The Hypno Gun WDC 145/1

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