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Appearances: Gyro Gearloose
Christmas Parade · Disneyland Birthday Party · Donald Duck · Four Color · Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks · Mickey Mouse Almanac · Summer Fun · Uncle Scrooge · Vacation Parade · Walt Disney's Comics and Stories · Unpublished Four Color
Christmas Parade top
Publ. Title
CP 8/1 Grandma's Present
Disneyland Birthday Party top
Publ. Title
DBP 1/1 Uncle Scrooge and Gyro [The Forbidium Money Bin]
Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
DD 26/3 Hobblin' Goblins
DD 101/0 »The Incredible Golden Iceberg«
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 1010/3 The Weather Watchers
FC 1025/3 On the Dream Planet
FC 1047/0 Feets Don't Fail Me Now
FC 1047/1 Gyro's Workshop
FC 1047/2 The Gab-Muffer
FC 1047/3 The Stubborn Stork
FC 1047/4 Milktime Melodies
FC 1047/5 The Lost Rabbit Foot
FC 1047/6 The Bird Camera
FC 1047/7 The Odd Order
FC 1073/3 The Snow Chaser
FC 1095/0 Say Cheese
FC 1095/1 The Call of the Wild
FC 1095/2 Cave of the Winds
FC 1095/3 Mixed-Up Mixer
FC 1095/4 The Madball Pitcher
FC 1095/5 The Bear Tamer
FC 1095/6 Tale of the Tape
FC 1095/7 His Shining Hour
FC 1099/0 »Family Photo with Facade«
FC 1150/6 Daringly Different
FC 1150/10 The Inventive Gentleman
FC 1161/2 The Day the Farm Stood Still
FC 1184/0 Fly-Free Fishing
FC 1184/1 The Nose Knows
FC 1184/2 Monsterville
FC 1184/3 The Cube
FC 1184/4 Mighty but Miserable
FC 1184/5 Brain-Strain
FC 1184/6 The Old Timer
FC 1184/7 Mechanized Mess
FC 1267/0 Gyro Makes His Mark
FC 1267/1 Buffaloed by Buffaloes
FC 1329/0 Putting His Back into It
Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks top
Publ. Title
HDL 21/1 Music Hath Charms
Mickey Mouse Almanac top
Publ. Title
MMA 1/1 August Accident
Summer Fun top
Publ. Title
SF 2/1 Fun? What's That?
Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
US 7/2 Uncle Scrooge [The Seven Cities of Cibola]
US 10/3 Heirloom Watch
US 13/3 Gyro Gearloose [Trapped Lightning]
US 14/3 Gyro Gearloose [Inventor of Anything]
US 15/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Cat Box]
US 16/3 Gyro Gearloose [Forecasting Follies]
US 17/3 Gyro Gearloose [Fishing Mystery]
US 18/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Sure-Fire Gold Finder]
US 19/3 Gyro Gearloose [Gyro Builds a Better House]
US 20/2 Gyro Gearloose [Roscoe the Robot]
US 21/3 Gyro Gearloose [Getting Thor]
US 22/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Know-It-All Machine]
US 23/3 Gyro Gearloose [Gyro Goes for a Dip]
US 24/2 Gyro Gearloose [The House on Cyclone Hill]
US 25/3 Gyro Gearloose [The Wishing Well]
US 26/2 Krankenstein Gyro
US 27/2 The Firefly Tracker
US 28/2 The Inventors' Contest
US 29/2 Oodles of Oomph
US 30/2 War Paint
US 31/2 Fishy Warden
US 32/2 That Small Feeling
US 33/3 You Can't Win
US 34/2 Wily Rival
US 35/2 Fast Away Castaway
US 36/2 Duckburg's Day of Peril
US 37/3 The Great Pop Up
US 38/3 Madcap Inventors
US 39/3 Finny Fun
US 40/2 Posthasty Postman
US 41/2 Snow Duster
US 46/2 A Helper's Helping Hand
US 47/2 Man versus Machine
US 48/2 Jonah Gyro
Vacation Parade top
Publ. Title
VP 8/1 Picnic
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 140/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Terrible Secret]
WDC 141/1 Donald Duck [The Think Box Bollix]
WDC 152/1 Donald Duck [The Talking Dog]
WDC 153/1 Donald Duck [Worm Weary]
WDC 171/1 Donald Duck [The Too-Safe Safe]
WDC 194/1 Donald Duck [Smoke Writer in the Sky]
WDC 199/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Big Imagination]
WDC 201/1 Donald Duck [The Dye Is Cast]
WDC 212/1 Donald Duck [Around the World in Eighty Minutes]
WDC 230/1 Black Wednesday
WDC 233/1 Knights of the Flying Sleds
WDC 239/1 The Village Blacksmith
WDC 242/1 Balloonatics
WDC 244/1 Missile Fizzle
WDC 247/1 The Madcap Mariner
WDC 249/1 Stranger than Fiction
WDC 254/1 Jet Witch
WDC 277/0 »The Duckburg Pet Parade«
WDC 277/1 The Duckburg Pet Parade
WDC 283/1 Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship
WDC 355/1 »Head-Scratching Machine«
Unpublished Four Color top
Publ. Title
UNP FC 1959/1 The Pied Piper of Duckburg
UNP FC 1961/0 Power Seating

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