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Appearances: Daisy Duck
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Christmas Parade top
Publ. Title
CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!
Danish Publications top
Publ. Title
D 6886/1 Hang Gliders Be Hanged
Dell Giant top
Publ. Title
DG 26/1 The Christmas Cha Cha
DG 38/0 »Easy Reading«
Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
DD 26/3 Hobblin' Goblins
DD 26/4 Donald Duck [Frightful Face]
DD 60/2 Water Ski Race
DD 65/0 »Pelican Wastebin«
Donald Duck Album top
Publ. Title
DDA 1/0 »Family Photo with Flash«
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 178/1 Donald Duck [Fashion in Flight]
FC 223/1 Donald Duck [Too Fit to Fit]
FC 238/3 Donald Duck [Fractious Fun]
FC 263/2 Land of the Totem Poles
FC 300/1 Big-Top Bedlam
FC 353/0 »Five Photos«
FC 367/2 A Christmas for Shacktown
FC 367/3 Donald Duck [Christmas Kiss]
FC 450/0 »Family Portrait«
FC 1010/3 The Weather Watchers
FC 1055/1 Daisy's Dazed Days
FC 1055/2 The Librarian
FC 1055/3 The Double Date
FC 1055/4 The TV Babysitter
FC 1055/5 Donald's Party
FC 1055/6 The Beauty Queen
FC 1055/7 Tight Shoes
FC 1055/8 The Framed Mirror
FC 1055/9 The New Girl
FC 1099/0 »Family Photo with Facade«
FC 1150/1 Small Fryers
FC 1150/2 A Sticky Situation
FC 1150/3 Ring Leader Roundup
FC 1150/4 Too Much Help
FC 1150/5 Ruling the Roost
FC 1150/6 Daringly Different
FC 1150/7 False Flattery
FC 1150/8 Friendly Enemy
FC 1150/9 Undercover Girl
FC 1150/10 The Inventive Gentleman
FC 1184/4 Mighty but Miserable
FC 1239/0 »Family Portrait with Bear Rug«
Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks top
Publ. Title
HDL 7/1 Whale of a Good Deed
Little Golden Book D top
Publ. Title
LGB D 84/1 Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol
Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
US 17/0 »Palm Reader«
US 25/7 Uncle Scrooge [Kitty-Go-Round]
US 32/3 Clothes Make the Duck
US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing
US 49/1 The Loony Lunar Gold Rush
US 66/1 The Heedless Horseman
US 68/1 Hall of the Mermaid Queen
Walt Disney Comics Digest top
Publ. Title
WDCD 5/1 The Dainty Daredevil
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 36/1 The Mighty Trapper
WDC 60/1 Donald Duck [Eyes in the Dark]
WDC 64/1 Donald Duck [Donald Tames His Temper]
WDC 69/1 Donald Duck [Biceps Blues]
WDC 73/1 Donald Duck [The Gold Finder]
WDC 79/1 Donald Duck [Picnic Tricks]
WDC 82/1 Donald Duck [Magical Misery]
WDC 84/1 Donald Duck [The Waltz King]
WDC 88/1 Donald Duck [Wintertime Wager]
WDC 91/1 Donald Duck [Going Ape]
WDC 95/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone Returns]
WDC 97/1 Donald Duck [Pearls of Wisdom]
WDC 101/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare]
WDC 111/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Love Letters]
WDC 117/1 Donald Duck [Wild about Flowers]
WDC 128/1 Donald Duck [Knightly Rivals]
WDC 132/2 Grandma Duck [Welcome Guests]
WDC 136/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year]
WDC 138/0 »Snow-Covered Sidewalk«
WDC 139/1 Donald Duck [Rocket Wing Saves the Day]
WDC 146/1 Donald Duck [Omelet]
WDC 147/1 Donald Duck [A Charitable Chore]
WDC 149/1 Donald Duck [Flip Decision]
WDC 150/1 Donald Duck [My Lucky Valentine]
WDC 151/1 Donald Duck [The Easter Election]
WDC 156/1 Donald Duck [The Master Rainmaker]
WDC 158/0 »Worm in Apple«
WDC 161/1 Donald Duck [Fix-Up Mix-Up]
WDC 163/1 Donald Duck [Raffle Reversal]
WDC 175/1 Donald Duck [The Daffy Taffy Pull]
WDC 198/1 Donald Duck [Knight in Shining Armor]
WDC 201/1 Donald Duck [The Dye Is Cast]
WDC 204/1 Donald Duck [Losing Face]
WDC 205/1 Donald Duck [Red Apple Sap]
WDC 213/1 Donald Duck [Dodging Miss Daisy]
WDC 217/1 Donald Duck [Dramatic Donald]
WDC 220/1 Donald Duck [Weemite]
WDC 221/1 Donald Duck [Tracking Sandy]
WDC 224/1 Donald Duck [The Beachcomber's Picnic]
WDC 225/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck: Volunteer Fireman]
WDC 230/0 »A Dachshund Gets Stuck«
WDC 233/1 Knights of the Flying Sleds
WDC 239/1 The Village Blacksmith
WDC 243/1 Turkey Trouble
WDC 250/1 Boxed-In
WDC 252/1 Mr. Private Eye
WDC 270/1 The Jinxed Jalopy Race
WDC 278/0 »Have Gun, Will Dance«
WDC 278/1 Have Gun, Will Dance
WDC 286/1 The Olympian Torch Bearer
WDC 288/0 »Hero of the Dike«
WDC 288/1 Hero of the Dike
WDC 296/0 »Fish in the Hat«
WDC 308/1 The Beauty Business
WDC 309/0 »Skateboard A-Boo-Boo«
WDC 310/0 »Little Miss Muscle«
WDC 312/1 The Not-So-Ancient Mariner
WDC 314/0 »A Rocket in the Cake«
WDC 316/0 »Double Dalmatian«
WDC 322/0 »The Ponytail«
WDC 342/0 »Popcorn Dryer«
Unpublished Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
UNP WDC 110/0 »Curlers on Dog«
Alternate Covers Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
AC US 68/1 »Hall of the Mermaid Queen«
Cover Ideas top
Publ. Title
CI 9 »Gopher Fur«

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