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I 2000/1 Somewhere in Nowhere show I.N.D.U.C.K.S. entry
C: 1997-??-?? · P: ????-?? · 28 p.
Script/idea only
Donald Duck; Scrooge McDuck
Sumbody B. Anybody; Eagle-Eye Edgar; Permy Frost; Hermit Hank; Hamalot McSwine; Miner Moe; Paddon; Sourdough Sally; Stomach Pump
[US] Donald arbeitet als Bürgersteiginspektor für Dagobert. Bald kündigt ... more
Barks only wrote a plot outline for this story (late 1995 or early 1996) which was extended to a script by John Lustig and inked by Pat Block in arrangement with Barks. For some time, also Daan Jippes worked on the story.
This story was originally intended as a ten-pager; it was later expanded into a continuing story with 2 times 14 pages.
First publication worldwide (with Italian and original text) in Italian Tesori 3 in November 2000.

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