The Carl Barks Library in Color
The Carl Barks Library of Uncle Scrooge Comics One Pagers in Color
FC 386/1 »Osogood Silver Polish«, FC 386/3 »Coffee for Two«, FC 386/4 »Soupline Eight«, FC 456/1 »Fare Delay«, FC 456/4 »Height of Finance«, FC 456/5 »Evenly Matched«, FC 495/1 »Too Much«, FC 495/4 »Follow the Rainbow«, FC 495/5 »Itching to Share«, US 4/1 »Ballet Evasions«, US 4/3 »The Cheapest Weigh«, US 4/4 »Bum Steer«, US 5/1 »Hospitality Week«, US 5/3 »McDuck Takes a Dive«, US 5/4 »Slippery Sipper«, US 6/1 »Oil the News«, US 6/4 »Dig It!«, US 6/5 »Mental Fee«, US 7/1 »Temper Tampering«, US 7/4 »Wrong Number«, US 7/5 »Diner Dilemma«, US 8/1 »Cash on the Brain«, US 8/4 »Classy Taxi«, US 8/5 »Blanket Investment«, US 9/1 »Easy Mowing«, US 9/4 »Ski Lift Letdown«, US 9/5 »Cast of Thousands«, US 10/1 »Deep Decision«, US 10/4 »Smash Success«, US 11/3 »Come as You Are«, US 11/4 »Roundabout Handout«, US 12/1 »Watt an Occasion«, US 12/3 »Doughnut Dare«, US 12/4 »A Sweat Deal«, US 13/1 »The Art of Security«, US 13/4 »Fashion Forecast«, US 13/5 »Mush«, US 14/1 »Luncheon Lament«, US 14/5 »Gold Ruse«, US 14/6 »Fireflies Are Free«, US 15/1 »Buffo or Bust«, US 15/5 »Pound for Sound«, US 16/1 »Fertile Assets«, US 16/5 »Back Yard Bonanza«, US 17/1 »Early to Build«, US 17/4 »The Eyes Have It«, US 17/5 »China Shop Shakeup«, US 18/1 »Net Worth«, US 18/4 »Relative Reaction«, US 19/1 »History Tossed«, US 20/3 »Rescue Enhancement«, US 21/1 »Windfall of the Mind«, US 21/4 »Dogged Determination«
Gary Gabner: What's in a Page? [A list of donaldistically relevant facts that can be gathered from studying Barks' one-pagers.]
A Pledge-Free Album. [Short explanation of the origin of the »Dell Pledge to Parents«.]
Painting Favorites. [A Barks quote on his favorite oil paintings.]
Barks' Garden. [Barks' notes on his switching from the Donald Duck adventures to the Scrooge stories.]
McDuck's Alter Ego. [Barks explains Scrooge's personality and draws parallels to his own.]
Only a Poor Old Man. [A Barks quote on the value of wealth.]
An Author in Search of His Readers. [Barks' observations of the comic-book preferences of American children.]
US 21/5 »Forgotten Precaution«, US 22/1 »Going to Pieces«, US 22/4 »High Rider«, US 22/5 »That Sinking Feeling«, US 23/1 »Moola on the Move«, US 23/5 »All Choked Up«, US 23/6 »Lights Out!«, US 25/1 »Immovable Miser«, US 25/5 »Bill Wind«, US 25/6 »News from Afar«, US 25/7 »Kitty-Go-Round«, US 27/4 Uncle Scrooge Crawls for Cash, US 28/4 The Money Hat, US 31/4 The Secret Book, US 31/5 The Balmy Swami, US 32/4 The Homey Touch, US 32/5 A Thrift Gift, US 32/6 Turnabout, US 33/1 Tree Trick (7/8-page version), US 33/5 The Big Bobber, US 33/6 Thumbs Up, US 37/1 The Windy Story, US 38/1 Monkey Business, US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing, US 38/7 Playmates, US 38/5 Collection Day, US 39/5 Art Appreciation, US 39/1 Getting the Bird, US 39/6 Nest Egg Collector, US 42/1 »Dueling Tycoons«, US 42/3 »Wishful Excess«, US 42/4 »Sidewalk of the Mind«, US 46/4 »Fireman Scrooge«, US 47/3 »No Bargain«, US 47/4 »Up and at It«, US 54/2 »Saved by the Bag!«, US 54/3 Flowers Are Flowers, US 55/2 »Ticking Detector«, US 57/1 »The Bigger the Beggar«, US 57/3 »The Lock Out«, US 57/4 »Plummeting with Precision«, US 57/5 »Snake Take«, US 58/2 »Laundry for Less«, US 58/3 »Long Distance Collision«, US 61/1 »Wasted Words«, US 61/3 »Down for the Count«, US 61/4 »Top Wages«, US 61/5 »It Happened One Winter«
Just One of the Boys. [Barks on Scrooge's popularity.]
Uncle Scrooge, Brick by Brick. [Barks on Scrooge's origin and evolution.]
It Wasn't All Barks! [About the restoration of US 33/1. Includes the original version of the last panel.]
The Mysterious Money Swim. [Barks on Scrooge's habit of bathing in money.]
Thomas Andrae, Geoffrey Blum: Scrooge on the Screen. [The TV career of Scrooge McDuck. Includes a letter by Barks from 10 January 1955 which contains a plot outline for a Scrooge film.]

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