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Appearances: Gladstone Gander
Christmas Parade · Danish Publications · Donald Duck · Four Color · March of Comics · Uncle Scrooge · Walt Disney's Comics and Stories · Alternate Covers Uncle Scrooge
Christmas Parade top
Publ. Title
CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!
Danish Publications top
Publ. Title
D 6886/1 Hang Gliders Be Hanged
Donald Duck top
Publ. Title
DD 46/1 Secret of Hondorica
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 256/2 Luck of the North
FC 263/3 Trail of the Unicorn
FC 353/0 »Five Photos«
FC 367/2 A Christmas for Shacktown
FC 422/2 The Gilded Man
FC 450/0 »Family Portrait«
FC 1047/5 The Lost Rabbit Foot
FC 1055/5 Donald's Party
FC 1095/5 The Bear Tamer
FC 1150/4 Too Much Help
FC 1161/3 The Training Farm Fuss
March of Comics top
Publ. Title
MOC 41/1 Race to the South Seas
Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
US 22/1 Uncle Scrooge [Going to Pieces]
US 25/7 Uncle Scrooge [Kitty-Go-Round]
US 35/1 The Golden Nugget Boat
US 38/6 Seeing Is Believing
US 54/0 »The Billion Dollar Safari«
US 54/1 The Billion Dollar Safari
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 88/1 Donald Duck [Wintertime Wager]
WDC 95/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone Returns]
WDC 96/1 Donald Duck [Links Hijinks]
WDC 103/1 Donald Duck [Rival Beachcombers]
WDC 110/1 Donald Duck [The Goldilocks Gambit]
WDC 111/1 Donald Duck [Donald's Love Letters]
WDC 117/1 Donald Duck [Wild about Flowers]
WDC 126/1 Donald Duck [A Financial Fable]
WDC 128/1 Donald Duck [Knightly Rivals]
WDC 131/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Luck]
WDC 136/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year]
WDC 140/1 Donald Duck [Gladstone's Terrible Secret]
WDC 143/1 Donald Duck [Gemstone Hunters]
WDC 147/1 Donald Duck [A Charitable Chore]
WDC 150/1 Donald Duck [My Lucky Valentine]
WDC 151/1 Donald Duck [The Easter Election]
WDC 155/1 Donald Duck [Some Heir over the Rainbow]
WDC 156/1 Donald Duck [The Master Rainmaker]
WDC 163/1 Donald Duck [Raffle Reversal]
WDC 167/1 Donald Duck [Salmon Derby]
WDC 175/1 Donald Duck [The Daffy Taffy Pull]
WDC 179/1 Donald Duck [Good Canoes and Bad Canoes]
WDC 187/1 Donald Duck [Searching for a Successor]
WDC 205/1 Donald Duck [Red Apple Sap]
WDC 207/1 Donald Duck [The Tenderfoot Trap]
WDC 208/1 Donald Duck [The Code of Duckburg]
WDC 212/1 Donald Duck [Around the World in Eighty Minutes]
WDC 215/1 Donald Duck [Mocking Bird Ridge]
WDC 217/1 Donald Duck [Dramatic Donald]
WDC 224/1 Donald Duck [The Beachcomber's Picnic]
WDC 225/1 Donald Duck [Donald Duck: Volunteer Fireman]
WDC 243/1 Turkey Trouble
WDC 251/1 Duck Luck
WDC 270/1 The Jinxed Jalopy Race
WDC 277/0 »The Duckburg Pet Parade«
WDC 277/1 The Duckburg Pet Parade
WDC 288/0 »Hero of the Dike«
WDC 288/1 Hero of the Dike
WDC 294/1 Duck Out of Luck
WDC 312/1 The Not-So-Ancient Mariner
Alternate Covers Uncle Scrooge top
Publ. Title
AC US 54/1 »The Billion Dollar Safari«

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