The Carl Barks Library in Color
The Carl Barks Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color
FC 9/1 Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold
Geoffrey Blum: The Saga of »Pirate Gold«. [About the cartoon project »Morgan's Ghost« and how it evolved to FC 9/1. Includes 2 storyboard sketches (not by Barks) for »Morgan's Ghost«.]
Front: cover miniature of FC 9 (not by Barks).
FC 29/1 The Mummy's Ring (reconstructed version), FC 29/2 The Hard Loser, FC 29/3 Too Many Pets (redrawn version)
Geoffrey Blum: Ringing In Some Changes. [The 3 pages of FC 29/1 redrawn by Barks for the version of 1965.]
Up the Nile with Barks. [A map of the scenes of FC 29/1.]
Front: cover miniature of FC 29 (not by Barks).
FC 62/1 Frozen Gold, FC 62/2 Mystery of the Swamp
Geoffrey Blum: The Classic Barks. [Analysis of Barks earliest comics. Includes 2 sketches from the portfolio Barks used to apply for a job at the Disney Studio (1935).]
Front: cover miniature of FC 62 (not by Barks).
FC 108/1 The Terror of the River, FC 108/2 The Firebug, FC 108/3 Seals Are So Smart
Geoffrey Blum: First Impressions. [Analysis of Barks' opening panels in the early FC stories.]
Carl Barks: Donald and the Censor. [Excerpts from interviews with Carl Barks on 4 August 1975 (Donald Ault, Thomas Andrae) and 24 September 1983 (Bruce Hamilton) on censorship in Barks' work.]
Front: cover miniature of FC 108 (not by Barks).
FC 147/2 Volcano Valley, FC 79/1 The Riddle of the Red Hat
Donald Ault: Allegories of Apocalypse. [Interpretation of Barks' stories of the 1940's as a reaction to the invention of the atom bomb.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 147 (not by Barks) and FC 79 (not by Barks).
CI 17, MOC 4/1 Maharajah Donald, MOC 4/2 The Peaceful Hills, CPG 1947/1 Donald Duck's Atom Bomb (redrawn and partially changed version), KG 1954/1 Donald Duck Tells about Kites (redrawn SCE version)
Geoffrey Blum: The Cover That Never Was. [An unpublished Barks cover from 1949 (UNP WDC 110/0).]
Geoffrey Blum: Parallel Panels. [The differing panels in the PGE version of KG 1954/1.]
Geoffrey Blum: The Hockey Champ. [4 pages of storyboard sketches for the animated cartoon »The Hockey Champ« (1938).]
Front: cover miniatures of MOC 4 (not by Barks) and CPG 1947 (not by Barks).
FC 159/1 The Ghost of the Grotto, FC 159/2 Adventure »Down Under«
Geoffrey Blum: The Ghost of Things to Come. [Analysis of FC 159/1. Includes a reproduction of Barks' oil painting »Menace from the Grotto« (1975).]
Front: cover miniature of FC 159 (not by Barks).
FC 178/2 Christmas on Bear Mountain, FC 189/2 The Old Castle's Secret
Geoffrey Blum: The Joyous Season. [Analysis of Barks' treatment of the Christmas theme. Includes an unpublished cover sketch (»Wide Load«, CI 4, 1950's).]
Thomas Andrae: A Rich Uncle for Donald. [About the influence of the comic strip »The Gumps« by Sydney Smith on Scrooge's evolution.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 178 (not by Barks) and FC 189.
FC 199/2 Sheriff of Bullet Valley, FC 203/2 The Golden Christmas Tree
Geoffrey Blum: Gold and Greed at Christmas. [About Barks' attitude towards Christmas. Includes a sketch for LGB 84/1.]
Geoffrey Blum: Horse Laughs and Horse Opera. [About Barks' attitude towards the western genre.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 199 and FC 203.
FC 223/2 Lost in the Andes, FC 238/2 Voodoo Hoodoo (partially changed version)
Geoffrey Blum: Power Games in Voodoo Land. [Analysis of the character Bombie.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 223 and FC 238.
CP 1/1 Letter to Santa, CP 2/1 You Can't Guess!, CP 1/2 »No Noise Is Good Noise«
Geoffrey Blum: The Santa Claus Syndrome. [Analysis of CP 1/1.]
Front: cover miniatures of CP 1 (not by Barks) and CP 2 (not by Barks).
FC 256/2 Luck of the North
Geoffrey Blum: Luck Had Nothing to Do with It. [Analysis of FC 256/2 with emphasis on Gladstone's role. Includes a reproduction of Barks' oil painting »Luck of the North« (22-73).]
Geoffrey Blum: Last Days at San Jacinto High. [About the creation of Barks' oil painting »Last Days of an Old School« (1968). Includes a color study and 2 black and white photos.]
Bruce Hamilton: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. [6 pages of design sketches for the animated feature »Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs« (1935).]
Front: cover miniature of FC 256.
FC 263/2 Land of the Totem Poles, FC 263/3 Trail of the Unicorn
Geoffrey Blum: Totemic Tales. [An attempt to place FC 263/2 and FC 263/3 in Barks' work. Includes the cover of FC 263.]
Front: cover miniature of FC 263.
MOC 20/1 In Darkest Africa (redrawn and partially changed version), MOC 41/1 Race to the South Seas (redrawn version)
Geoffrey Blum: California Old and New. [An attempt to localize the scenes of FC 328/1.]
Front: cover miniatures of MOC 20 (not by Barks) and MOC 41 (not by Barks).
FC 275/1 In Ancient Persia, FC 282/1 The Pixilated Parrot
Geoffrey Blum: Persian Paranoia. [About the influences of horror movies and the National Geographic magazine on FC 275/1.]
Geoffrey Blum: A View of the Rock. [Reproduction of an illustration from the National Geographic magazine from September 1940, which Barks obviously used as a model for his design of the Rock of Gibraltar in FC 275/1.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 275 and FC 282.
FC 291/1 The Magic Hourglass, FC 300/1 Big-Top Bedlam
Geoffrey Blum: Looking In on Bedlam. [Analysis of FC 300/1.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 291 (not by Barks) and FC 300 (not by Barks).
FC 308/1 Dangerous Disguise, FC 318/1 No Such Varmint
Geoffrey Blum: The Human Dilemma. [About the use of human characters in Barks' comics and the reaction of his editors. Includes 2 studies of human characters from the late 1940's.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 308 (not by Barks) and FC 318 (not by Barks).
VP 1/1 Vacation Time, VP 1/2 Camp Counselor, SF 2/2 Jungle Hi-Jinks
Donald Ault: Barks and the Bending Panel. [Analysis of the page layout in VP 1/1.]
Front: cover miniatures of VP 1 (not by Barks) and SF 2 (not by Barks).
FC 328/1 In Old California, FC 367/2 A Christmas for Shacktown
Geoffrey Blum: The Shacktown Spirit. [Analysis of FC 367/2.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 328 (not by Barks) and FC 367.
FC 408/2 The Golden Helmet, FC 422/2 The Gilded Man
Geoffrey Blum: Barks and the Viking Spirit. [About the influences of the comic strip »Prince Valiant« by Hal Foster on FC 408/2.]
Front: cover miniatures of FC 408 and FC 422.
DD 26/2 Trick or Treat (32-page version with reconstructed opening), DD 26/3 Hobblin' Goblins, DD 45/2 »Dogcatcher Duck« (reconstructed version)
Geoffrey Blum: Halloween in Duckburg. [About the development of DD 26/2. Includes 3 panels of the changed opening.]
Front: cover miniatures of DD 26 and DD 45 (not by Barks).
DD 46/1 Secret of Hondorica, DD 52/1 The Lost Peg Leg Mine, DD 54/1 Forbidden Valley
Geoffrey Blum: Barks' Borrowings. [A list of Barks' remakes.]
Front: cover miniatures of DD 46, DD 52, and DD 54 (not by Barks).
CP 9/1 Christmas in Duckburg, DG 26/1 The Christmas Cha Cha, FC 1025/1 Mastering the Matterhorn
Geoffrey Blum: The Other Oils of Carl Barks. [About Barks' oil paintings with non-Duckburg motifs. Includes reproductions of the paintings »What's the Hurry?« (1970), »Hayday« (1969), »After Ted Kautzky« (1982), »The Cool of Morning« (1968), »Yesterday's Mansion« (1968), and »Lost River at Enman's« (1969).]
Front: cover miniatures of CP 9 (not by Barks), DG 26 (not by Barks), and FC 1025 (not by Barks).
DD 60/1 The Titanic Ants, DD 60/2 Water Ski Race, DD 68/1 The Master Glasser
Bruce Hamilton: Love Nest. [Storyboard sketches for the unfinished animated cartoon »Love Nest« (1936).]
Geoffrey Blum: Donald's Moose Hunt. [3 sketches for an unpublished cover (»Moose Hunt«, CI 6, early 1960's). Includes the version from Dutch Donald Duck 36/84 inked by Ulrich Schröder.]
Geoffrey Blum: Thoughts into Print! [A cartoon for the San Jacinto Valley Register from 8 October 1948.]
Front: cover miniatures of DD 60 (not by Barks) and DD 68 (not by Barks).
FC 147/1 »If the Hat Fits«, FC 178/1 »Fashion in Flight«, FC 178/3 »Turn for the Worse«, FC 178/4 »Machine Mix-Up«, FC 189/1 »Bird Watching«, FC 189/3 »Horseshoe Luck«, FC 189/4 »Bean Taken«, FC 199/1 »Sorry to Be Safe«, FC 199/3 »Best Laid Plans«, FC 199/4 »The Genuine Article«, FC 203/1 »Jumping to Conclusions«, FC 203/3 »The True Test«, FC 203/4 »Ornaments on the Way«, FC 223/1 »Too Fit to Fit«, FC 223/3 »Tunnel Vision«, FC 223/4 »Sleepy Sitters«, FC 238/1 »Slippery Shine«, FC 238/3 »Fractious Fun«, FC 238/4 »King-Size Cone«, FC 256/1 »Toasty Toys«, FC 256/3 »No Place to Hide«, FC 256/4 »Tied-Down Tools«, FC 263/1 »Noise Nullifier«, FC 263/4 »Matinee Madness«, FC 263/5 »A Fetching Price«, FC 367/1 »Treeing Off«, FC 367/3 »Christmas Kiss«, FC 367/4 »Projecting Desires«, FC 408/1 »Full-Service Windows«, FC 408/3 »Rigged-Up Roller«, FC 408/4 »Awash in Success«, FC 422/1 »Stable Prices«, FC 422/3 »Armored Rescue«, FC 422/4 »Crafty Corner«, DD 26/1 »A Prank Above«, DD 26/4 »Frightful Face«, DD 45/1 »Courtside Heating«, DD 45/3 »Remember This«, DD 45/4 »Power Plowing«, DD 51/1 »All Season Hat«, DD 71/1 Rainbow's End
Battered Batters. [2 sketches for an unpublished cover (»Kids at Bat«, CBL 9/0, 1961) and the inked version for the slipcase cover of set IX of the CBL.]
The Many Faces of Carl Barks. [Barks caricatures made by members of the Disney Studio.]

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