»Go Slowly, Sands of Time«: 8/12
The treatment by the bees may not have added years to Uncle Scrooge's life, but it did fill part of him with such radiant warmth that his nephews thawed their hands for hours by merely standing in his vicinity. Many wrinkles disappeared, too, for a time. However, they were not the ones on his face.
In summing up the results of their search for the Khunzans' secret of elastic life, the ducks could find only one common factor: each and every hoary ancient thoroughly enjoyed whatever rigorous tasks his livlihood involved. The yak herders loved it when frigid winds blew their tents away and delighted in climbing icy mountains with unspeakable burdens on their backs. The ancient beekeeper loved the warm thrust of a bee's bayonet into his horny hide. What each ate or drank seemed to matter very little.
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