»Go Slowly, Sands of Time«: 12/12
So the ducks returned to Duckburg, and Uncle Scrooge dove back into the coins in his money bin, and soon the wrinkles disappeared from his aged face, and the aches left his aged bones, and he became as spry as when he was a pushy cannon peddler profiteering from the Boer War.
Donald and the kids weren't sure whether they had seen a miracle.
»Do you think you would like to live forever, Unca Donald?« asked Dewey.
»Doing what Uncle Scrooge is doing?« asked Donald in return. »No. I would prefer to find something different in the worlds of food or air or chemistry that would do for me what money does for Uncle Scrooge.«
»Maybe something like tossing off uncountable ice cream sodas, Unca Donald?« asked Louie.
»Right on!« said all the four, and they went to a soda fountain and experimented on the technology of living forever.
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