»Go Slowly, Sands of Time«: 10/12
The meeting with the treasurer was short and to the point.
»The secret of long life,« the ancient one pontificated, »is to be happy with your work. Your daily toil has to be your whole reason for living. Me, for instance, I love to work with money. I love to count it and to keep all of those ledgers and records up to the minute. I love my work so much it is my greatest amusement.«
The nephews nudged each other. No use asking Uncle Scrooge what his greatest amusement was - they already knew.
Uncle Scrooge was only partly satisfied with the hoary treasurer's rationale. It was essentially the same as that of the yak herders. He felt there must be something more - some magical elixir more potent than the snake oil of an abstract philosophy.
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