»Go Slowly, Sands of Time«: 6/12
Donald and Dewey and Huey and Louie kept up their efforts to find an age-reversing formula. They popped in and out of the door of Uncle Scrooge's rented hut every few minutes with new recipes for him to try, and each time they let a blast of the frigid outside air gust in. None of the recipes worked any change in the old duck's condition, but the gusts of cold air did have an effect. He started to turn blue, and because of his already yellow color, the hue of his skin became a ghastly green.
It was clear that Uncle Scrooge would have to try recipes that had nothing to do with the world of food. The local natives might keep spry on apricots and tea and unhulled rice and powdered bats' wings and smoked yak knuckles, but Uncle Scrooge couldn't seem to absorb the magic essences.
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