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Appearances: Bolivar
Four Color · Kite Giveaway · Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
Four Color top
Publ. Title
FC 1047/2 The Gab-Muffer
Kite Giveaway top
Publ. Title
KG 1/1 Donald Duck Tells about Kites
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories top
Publ. Title
WDC 43/1 Three Dirty Little Ducks
WDC 56/1 Donald Duck [The Icebox Robber]
WDC 65/1 Donald Duck [Joe from Singapore]
WDC 76/1 Donald Duck [The Cantankerous Cat]
WDC 82/1 Donald Duck [Magical Misery]
WDC 125/1 Donald Duck [Operation St. Bernard]
WDC 184/1 Donald Duck [Three Un-Ducks]

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