The Back to the Klondike paintings
»Back to the Klondike« (FC 456/2) was, without doubt, one of the most memorable Scrooge stories and revealed not only the roots of his wealth, but also some soft streaks in his personality. Barks created 4 oil versions of the cover and depicted its female protagonist, Glittering Goldie, in 4 additional paintings - not to mention the many other variations of the gold-rush theme, with or without Disney characters, which accompanied his career as a painter.
Cover of FC 456
(March 1953)
Barks submitted this cover on 28 August 1952.
»Scrooge #2 Cover«
»Klondike Kaper«
»Disputed Claim«
For this version from the 1980's, Barks restaged the layout and added more action to the scene.

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