The Old Castle paintings
»The Old Castle's Secret« (FC 189/2) marked Scrooge's second appearance and was the first to show all five Ducks on a treasure hunt. Barks rendered the cover in oil 2 times and pictured scenes from the story in 2 additional paintings.
Cover of FC 189
(June 1948)
Barks submitted this cover on 16 January 1948.
»Old Castle«
»Old Castle with Scrooge«
In this painting Barks also included Scrooge who, due to his lack of familiarness at the time, was missing from the original cover.
Cover of The Best of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge 1
(November 1964)
This cover, which illustrates a reprint of FC 189/2, is sometimes attributed to Barks, though the drawing style rather resembles Tony Strobl's. Nor did Barks use this cover as a model for the layout of 21-72.

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