The Bullet Valley paintings
»Sheriff of Bullet Valley« (FC 199/2) was a highly dramatic western story, the corresponding cover depicts Donald in his most heroic pose perhaps. Barks created 7 oil versions of this cover.
Cover of FC 199
(October 1948)
Barks submitted this cover on 29 April 1948.
»Bullet Valley«
»Bullet Valley«
Beginning with the 2nd painting in the series, Barks used a dramatically red background.
»Bullet Valley«
»Bullet Valley«
»Bullet Valley«
Barks first painted the background red, as in the 3 preceding paintings, but he changed it by request of the buyer.
»Sheriff Donald's Last Stand«
»Sheriff Donald at Gory Gap«
»Sheriff of Bullet Valley«
In the 1980's Barks used the motif once again for Another Rainbow's lithograph series, but he shelved the project after he had made a small preliminary painting. Barks' alternate title for this painting was »The Law Comes to Bullet Valley«.
»Sheriff of Bullet Valley«
Colored pencils.

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