The Flying Dutchman paintings
The dramatic splash panel from »The Flying Dutchman« (US 25/2), in which the ghost ship first appeared, just demanded to be rendered in heavy oil colors - and indeed Barks worked on 3 paintings simultaneously in late 1972 and added another one in the 1980's.
»Flying Dutchman«
»Flying Dutchman«
Barks did not finish his 2nd Flying Dutchman painting until 1991.
»Flying Dutchman«
In the 1980's Barks used the motif once again for Another Rainbow's lithograph series, this time putting the Ducks more prominently in the foreground.
Cover of CBL set IV
(November 1985)
While working on »Afoul of the Flying Dutchman«, Barks created a cover based on the painting for the Carl Barks Library.

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