The Sailboat paintings
The cover of Donald and his nephews on their tiny sailboat does not illustrate a specific story. Nor does it stage a very hilarious gag scene. But maybe it was just this quietly funny absurdness that appealed to fans: Barks made no less than 8 oil paintings of it.
Cover of WDC 108
(September 1949)
Barks submitted this cover on 23 February 1949.
»A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By«
The first Duck oil painting Barks ever made.
»Fair Wind off Bora Bora«
This is the only painting in the series in which Barks used landscape orientation and showed a background.
»Sea Cruise«
»Sea Fever«
»Red Sails in the Sunset«
»Over the Bounding Main«
This is the last Duck oil painting Barks made in the 1970's.
Barks chose the sailboat motif again for the first painting in Another Rainbow's lithograph series, this time taking Scrooge aboard, too.
»Home Are the Sailors, Home from the Sea«
Colored pencils.

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