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From 1935 through 1942, Carl Barks was employed at the Disney Studio. He began as an in-betweener, notably for the Mickey Mouse cartoon »Thru the Mirror« (30 May 1936, directed by Dave Hand), but after a half year he was promoted to the story department where he first worked with cartoon veteran Harry Reeves, then with former animator and later director Jack Hannah. Barks was involved in the production of numerous animated shorts (nearly exclusively Donald Duck cartoons), many of which are considered classics of their genre today.
The following list is based on Thomas Andrae's Barks filmography and contains all animated shorts of the Disney Studio to which Barks contributed as a story man. In the first section those films are listed which actually saw the light of the screen, in the second section those projects follow which never went beyond the development stage. Dates in the first section give the day of the theater release; you have to keep in mind, however, that this is only loosely connected to the time of Barks' contribution, since sometimes several years lay between the first outline and the finishing of a Disney cartoon. In the second section, on the other hand, the estimated time of Barks' work on the project in question is given.
In 1939, Barks and Chuck Couch also wrote two sequences for the animated feature »Bambi« (13 August 1942, directed by Dave Hand), one of which was used in the finished film.
Long after his departure from the Disney Studio, in January 1955, Barks wrote, at the request of Ken Peterson, head of the story department, a 9-page treatment for a Scrooge film, which was never realized, however.
In the late 1980's, Barks once again received a story credit for several episodes of the TV series »DuckTales« which were based on his comics. Beyond that, he was not involved in the production of this series in any way.
Abbreviations used:
SD (Story Director) Barks was responsible for the story direction.
SC (Story Crew) Barks was a member of the team that worked on the plot of this film.
* A major part of the storyboard sketches is by Barks.
+ For this film, no storyboard sketch by Barks has survived.

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